The Emotional Body Is An Important Bridge

The heart center is a powerful multidimensional portal, but when it is shut down, the human being is relegated to a fraction of the Greater Experience, to a finite linear, limited experience of reality.

The emotional body is a bridgeway between the mental body and the spirit body. So when the emotional body is neglected, ignored, suppressed, or maligned there is a major disconnect within the individual. This creates a very limited, one-dimensional experience of reality.

Humanity’s task is to repair this causeway. The heart center is a powerful multidimensional portal, but when it is shut down, the human being is relegated to a fraction of the Greater Experience, to a finite linear, limited experience of reality. I jokingly call this phenomenon “brains in jars”. Our modern culture has put the intellect on a pedestal, and so it can be very difficult to come back into any sort of feeling state when you've been so conditioned to be (and rewarded to be) in just a thinking state. As the planet goes through massive deconstruction, which we're seeing across all aspects of civilization at this point in time, it is imperative that we restore this connection to the emotional body.

What stands in the way of us doing this? Well, there's a lot of pain that has never been processed. A lot of people aren't fully in their physical body.

There is no way around it, under it. There's only through it and repairing it as we go. This is the clarion call to embrace your emotional healing, to end trauma cycles, to end the blame game, and to taking full responsibility for how you feel by changing your victim narratives and letting go of old stories of the past. Sure, people may have hurt you, emotionally or physically, and yet does that need to keep playing in your field over and over again?

These are really exciting times for Planet Earth! As Starseed Wayshowers, it is incumbent upon us to role model a different way, rather than staying in the status quo.

For many of you, you're going to see this process at work for others, so just having an understanding of why the situation is what it is and having compassion and creating a very high vibrational, unconditionally loving field is one of the most powerful contributions you can make at this time.

The number one cause for heart shutdown and emotional body shutdown is an unwillingness to forgive, so forgiving oneself, forgiving others is helpful. “Forgive those who have trespassed against you” is a very powerful teaching because that's what's going to set you free more than anything else. Unburden yourself through forgiveness and unblock your heart center. Then, you can begin to rebuild your emotional body.

I love you all so much. I hope you have a wonderful week. Go easy on yourselves, love yourselves, but definitely get out of victim mode now!!

With LOVE,


Innergalactic Shaman

Founder, Multidimensional U ®


The last time Aja traveled in France with a merry band of brilliant star seeds, epic work went down. This time, we’re gathering for one day in the City of Light to build out New Earth using higher dimensional technology, innate to our field of consciousness. Learn more and apply here:​

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