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Are You Stuck In Character, Aja?

It's almost Halloween. The perfect time to dress up as someone/something else and re-evaluate what kind of character you might be stuck in, to the exclusion of a greater presence/role you may have come to be/play.

I made this short video for you. I hope it inspires you to shift your vibrational coordinates and play "mash-up" of the best parts of your multidimensional self!

This plasticity of personality is just the metaphysical medicine being called for during a time when rigid constructs are being put to the ultimate test. That which will endure is not the long-suffering hardship our ancestors adopted as their ethos, but a more enlightened, unburdened freedom of Source Self expression.

Don't forget to have fun! We can get oh-so-serious in these human roles. Have a good chuckle at yourself and lovingly be willing to see your shadow.

It can be quite a fun game of mystery in which you get to play detective, or excavation in which you play lead archaeologist. A clue! Some hidden treasure!

This is the soul's game of hide and seek. Can we bury our incredible light under a million bushels and follow the signposts (heartfelt desires) to recover it?

Let me know what parts of your human character you've been called to re-examine and, perhaps, release.

I hope you enjoy the message and the energy shifts in this short vlog. Sending you a very Big Hug!

In Unity

A'sha Love


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