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New Earth Engineering Mission:

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The call has come, lightworker. You know who you are. The new dawn is here and the build out is yours to make happen. This is everything you came for. This is your moment of action. Now, take it and anchor in the higher harmonics of love. Future generations are counting on your passion and resolve. -Archangel Michael

THE INVITATION:  Join Aja for a day of New Earth Engineering in Paris. We'll gather as a very small, nimble group to deftly and discreetly engage in powerful multidimensional work during this time of deconstruction in the City of Light.

THE BACKSTORY:  Aja's formal multidimensional engineering work began there in January of 2018, with a call from Ascended Master Saint Germain. From just outside the city, she was guided to bilocate to the zero point in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral to place a pillar of light, in collaboration with the Arcturians and Gaia. It effectively broke the consciousness cap over the city, an inorganic A.I. device intended to hold humanity down in fear and suffering. Archangel Michael showed Aja that everyone who subsequently stood on the zero point (many tourists do this) would connect in with the infinity code, and that their entire networks of family and friends would also be positively affected.

Then, in April of 2019, Notre Dame set herself on fire. The phoenix in action. Watch that New Earth Build Out Update here. Work was done the day after in the astral by the Activation Track of The Emergence Experience, to clear the area of soul traps and earth bound soul fragments, among other things.


Now, there is more work to do...

THE WHY:  As the old, lower vibrational paradigms deconstruct, there is incredible opportunity to lay down the higher dimensional foundations for New Earth, based in unity consciousness and love.

THE WHO:  Members of the Intergalactic Peace Corps... Wayshower Star Seeds... those of you who feel called to use your innate, higher dimensional abilities to displace lower dimensional constructs and constraints in service to the human collective and Earth. Aja, fluent in French, will be your guide for the day.


Apply below.

Itinerary for June 28, 2019

Join Aja for a day of New Earth Engineering in Paris. We'll gather together for group activations and channeled messages in the morning, followed by lunch and a trip to the Notre Dame site for multidimensional installation work. This is sure to be an epic day of personal and human collective empowerment!

We begin our day by 9:30am in the morning in meditation and channeled messages and activations. Lunch is included. Transport during the day and entrance fees to sites included.  We will spend the afternoon on site at Notre Dame and other sites, as guided.


Maximum of 6 people. This is a small group gathering and has been priced accordingly. Serious applications only, please. Transport to and from Paris and lodging not included.


Nadia Brown, our Director of Client Relations, will then reach out to you to schedule a call for you to learn more about the cost and to ensure a good fit. À bientôt à Paris! See you soon... in Paris!

​New Earth Engineering Day in Paris: Friday, June 28, 2019

"The small group trip to the south of France was a beautiful, intimate adventure into spiritual community and multidimensional work as Aja led our group to multiple historic, spiritual, castle sites.  There were energetic dragons, the release of prophesied energetic technology and light shows provided by the Pleiadians as confirmation of the work the group had done; other energetic beings would also join in on the celebration of a job well done.  


The days were filled with beautiful scenery, camaraderie and multidimensional work, and there was nightly laughter over dinner followed by meditative drumming sessions for deep channeled messages and individual journeys.  It was an incredible trip and one that deepened my multidimensional capabilities and allowed me to meet new life-long friends who are following a similar path.

 Aja naturally exudes a high-vibrational energy that is both soothing and blissful, making it very easy to stay in a high-vibration zone that supported the transformative work that I needed to do.  Overall, it was truly a liberating experience and one where I was not the same person at the end of the journey as I was when I started.   Aja is one of a kind and an absolute treasure; she has enabled me to fast-track my spiritual journey and I am eternally grateful for her love, support and guidance."


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