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It's Shadow Week 😎 Happy Solstice!

A'sha Love here, diving deep into the realm of shadows this week. As you might notice, the black attire is a visual cue—it's shadow week, after all. Interestingly, many of my clients also arrived donning shades of black. It's as if our souls collectively agreed: "No more carrying this forward. It stops here." And so, here we are, shedding light on those shadowy corners, unveiling the hidden aspects we've long overlooked.

This week has been a revelation for me as well. A simple stroll through my home sparked an insight into an old ancestral posture I once held. A realization struck—no more echoes of the past. These learned behaviors, ingrained in us over time, are up for examination. It's not about judgment but about letting go of these facades that no longer serve us.

The shadow is where we stash away the parts of ourselves we'd rather reject. Yet, these sidelined fragments often take control from behind the curtains. Ever felt hijacked by an unfamiliar version of yourself, wondering, "Who even am I?" Yeah, I've been there.

Unattended shadows? They're like covert operators, silently working without our conscious consent. We may not notice them, but their impact is palpable—those rough edges of our personality, the tendency to over-please or disregard our boundaries. It leaves us feeling a bit "blech", doesn't it?

This work is part of our greater mission, a soulful quest to clean up the denser layers within us. Think of it as polishing the diamond of our being!

The critical step? It's setting the intention to unveil more of what's hidden. Trust me, once you seek, you will find.

But let's clear this up: no self-judgment, please. Instead, see yourself as an explorer, uncovering treasures that lead to self-liberation and mastery. It's about embracing those once-rejected aspects with love—self-compassion is the key.

When we illuminate our shadows, their power diminishes, and we reclaim that energy. It's like redirecting chaotic energy towards creation! If we seek a transformed world, it begins with our inner alchemy—the cleansing of our emotional and spiritual fields. Cleaner energy means clearer creations!

This work? It's foundational. Just like a building needs a solid foundation, everything I create revolves around the core concept of "Love."

So, what's the takeaway? Addressing our shadows empowers us to create from a higher realm, fostering peace within and around us. It's about understanding, not shaming ourselves, liberating ourselves from the past's influence.

Let's continue exploring, discovering, and cleansing. We've entered a healing renaissance—a journey from shadows to light!

Let's keep shining together!  🌟

In Unity 🌐 A'sha Love

P.S. Look for a Winter Solstice  Meditation designed to increase your Joy Quotient soon!


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