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Soul Portrait by Artemisia Love

What if you could experience your reflection, free from distortion, infused with who you really are at the multidimensional level?

My daughter, Artemisia Love, (Mia for short) is being tapped by her own soul calling to begin putting her artistic and intuitive gifts into service so that more people become unified within themselves. From the time Mia could hold a paint brush at the age of two, I've watched in amazement at what she creates!


This is Artemisia in Paris last year. We listened to the strong inner guidance to make the trip for her 16th bEARTHday, knowing it would provide an important touchstone for years to come.

We all set up a blueprint for this lifetime, but many of us are waylaid by the distractions and density of life on Earth. While distortion may be the intended starting point, the ultimate aim of the soul is to reclaim the Authentic Self.



Here's what came through the field when we asked for more information about this work:


The unique constellation that is the individual human experiencing an I AM expression is best thought of as fractalized light, interested in seeing how the prism of self can first refract light in a distortional event, then reconstitute oneself through an exercise of reflection.

The soul portrait, then, is the reflection of the reconstituted self; the fractalized light you are, free from distortion. The portrait is not a rendering of who you are now, as in this physical animate being projecting a visual identity out for the world to see. Instead, it is the unique geometry, visually represented using color and multidimensional sound (yes, sound) to convey the animate’s True Self.

The result is that the individual who engages with their “portrait” enjoys a new level of creative remembering to express and create more authentically.

Wowza. As usual, tapping our multidimensional intelligence yields profound remembering. This is the point of the portrait, after all.


Ready to claim your portrait and see what your soul is excited to reveal to you? Mia is offering a limited number of portraits at an introductory price.  Thanks for supporting her as she launches her soul-inspired work into the world!


Your Soul Portrait by Artemisia Love will be created as a digital art piece, delivered as a JPEG or PDF. Once you place your order, you will receive an email receipt immediately, followed by an email from our Customer Care team member, Sarah. Due to a high volume of orders please allow up to 6-8 weeks for your portrait.

For gift orders, please put the name(s) of the recipient(s) in the Notes to Business at checkout. Questions? Email Sarah at

The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself, everything that you want you already are.


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