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"A'sha speaks the language of the soul and helps to spark its unfolding. Her astonishing psychic gifts and her warm presence - wise, attentive, encouraging, funny - have restored confidence in who I am and who I am becoming.  She is not out to seek her own glory, but stands in the middle, strengthening the link between a person and their divine source".



Emergence has led me on an inner path of self discovery and an expansion and deepening of my spiritual connection. A'sha inspires me with her gifts and offers advice that is always timely.  She has helped me to open my heart to the possibilities of deeper connections to others and a more joyful, abundant life.


Thanks to Emergence I am calmer, joyful, more loving and kind. I realize now that we have an obligation to honor ourselves and just be true to our oneness here on Earth. Thank you so much A'sha for expanding my Spirit and reconnecting us to Source! 


Since graduating from Emergence I can say with confidence that I am a much more conscious creator, tag-teaming with Spirit and Soul. As soon as I got out of my own way and really started operating from a space of Trust and Faith, the path of Life has become so much Lighter and full of Joy!

The Emergence Experience has been life changing for me.  I have learned more about myself, my purpose, my desires in the past nine months than all of my previous years in this life. 


Most importantly I've learned that I AM the creator of my experience and I control how I react, feel and experience life.

I have learned to look inward, I've identified my power and my voice and now understand and see with great clarity where I have given away my power and silenced my true voice.  I am very centered in myself, my power, my voice and my purpose.  


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