Increase My Light Quotient

Evolution is an inside job. Ready to return to a Higher Harmonic of Being?

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Welcome to my newest meditation series! I'm A'sha Love, founder of Multidmensional U, a multimedia company committed to human evolution through an expansion of love and consciousness.


For Earth Day 2022, I recorded a free meditation designed to increase your light quotient. This is the first in a series of meditations I’ve been inner directed to create over the next 3 months.

Imagine being able to:

   ...displace old beliefs and ideas (you know, the boxes you might not realize you’re stuck in),

   ...visit the 7th dimensional dreamland and higher dimensional self to create new constructs (yay! new and shiny boxes to play in/with for a while),

  ...and emanate those constructs as your new reality through your Light(er) Body!

When I asked what the Raise My Light Quotient series is intended to do, here's the answer I received:


In order to effectively find their way Home to a Higher Harmonic of Being, each individual must shift the proportion of light/love to shadow/fear within their embodied state. This cannot be done through mere wishful thinking. It is achievable through template displacement, such as the kind offered in the Earth Day 2022 Meditation.


As powerful as that displacement was, the enduring results can only be maintained through a circuit transition. The individual’s entire biological body, most especially the nervous system, must change over to a higher light quotient. The light body displaces the denser body. In the same way you enjoy infrastructure upgrades to handle more bandwidth, these transitions you offer will allow a person to run greater frequency through their lighter body.


High frequencies can be hard on a body not equipped to deal with them. These transitions are now being offered to make the necessary adjustments. 


The benefits are many. First, there will be greater connectivity (unity) with one’s own higher frequency aspects, as well as with higher harmonic collectives supporting humanity at this time. As you know, we cannot do it for you, but we are certainly ready to welcome you Home.


Second, the patterns of discontent (fragmentation) a person has been repeating will simply fall away, as the higher frequencies amplify and then decompartmentalize them. 


Third, the realization that one has not been living in alignment with their most Essential Self will be immediate and the inspiration to make necessary changes swift. 


Finally, the currency required to make said changes will be abundant and accessible.

Purchase the 3-part Increase My Light Quotient meditation series below!

What is included? ...You will receive a welcome email and 3 meditations recorded in high frequency locations, spaced 30 days apart. You'll also receive the gift of my Earth Day 2022 meditation and my most popular meditation, the Daily Grounding meditation.

What should I do to prepare? I highly recommended using my free Daily Grounding & Clearing Meditation for at least 3 days before you begin this series. You should also complete the Earth Day meditation. Hydrate for 12 hours beforehand. Avoid alcohol before and after for at least a week on either side of each meditation.


What should I not do? ...These are high frequency meditations, so please DO NOT listen while driving. You may fall asleep. If you can't stay awake while listening, I recommend circling back to using the daily meditation 3x/day for 30 days to really clear out your field. Finally, you may experience what is sometimes referred to ascension symptoms, such as vertigo, nausea, fatigue, or headache. Don't worry- you're purging. Don't do these meditations before scheduled obligations. Give yourself at least 24 to 36 hours to integrate.

All sales are final. No refunds.

More questions? ...Email Sarah at She is happy to help!

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Meditation 1 filmed atop Mount Mitchell, the tallest mountain in the eastern USA

Meditation #2: filmed atop Stone Mountain in North Carolina. Coming June 1, 2022

Meditation #3: coming July 1, 2022