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Higher Love is the Next Human Evolution

This week, I'm delighted to continue our conversation about human evolution. As I've allowed myself to be steered by my higher guidance over the last few weeks it has become clear that I'm being tapped to speak about Higher Love.

 This next evolution in the collective human journey involves embodying a love that emanates from within and touches every aspect of our existence. It's about aligning with our soul's greater purpose and embracing a state of harmony and balance in all that we do. 

For me, this journey towards higher love has been a deeply personal one. It has led me into the depths of deconstruction and shadow work, to uncover the flaws in the foundation upon which I had built my life... and to the heights of alchemy through which the love of my being transmutes the darkest and most dense of destructive patterns. 

This journey is about reclaiming our fragmented selves and piecing them back together in a way that reflects our true essence - love. When we approach relationships from a place of self-love and self-awareness, we create a foundation of authenticity and vulnerability that allows for true connection to flourish. 

But embracing higher love isn't always easy. It requires us to confront the parts of ourselves that we may have long ignored—the wounds, the fears, the limiting beliefs. It's about dismantling the barriers we've erected around our hearts and allowing ourselves to be seen, truly seen, by others. 

While the path to higher love may be challenging at times, the rewards are immeasurable. It's about experiencing a deeper level of connection, a profound sense of joy and fulfillment that comes from living in alignment with our true selves. 

As I reflect on my own journey and the incredible transformations I've witnessed in my clients, I'm inspired by the profound impact that embracing higher love can have on our lives. It's about stepping into our power, reclaiming our sovereignty, and co-creating a world filled with love and compassion. 

If you're feeling called to embark on this journey of self-discovery and inner healing, I invite you to consider working with me in my private program: Higher Love Alchemy. 

My work has evolved to much deeper levels of expert excavation and clearing. I tag team with your Higher Self & Spirit Guides to help you unwind hidden disharmony across multiple dimensional levels so you can fully shift into the next octave of your human embodiment. 

Together, we will peel back the layers, lovingly reveal your shadows, and reclaim the parts of you that got left behind. And as we do, we'll discover that the path to higher love isn't just a destination—it's a way of being, a way of living that transforms not only ourselves but the world around us. 

Begin by filling out this form: 

Thank you for joining me in this conversation about the journey Home to Higher Love. Remember, the greatest gift we can give to the world is the alchemy of our personal transformation. 

It's our opportunity to leave the world a better place by passing down a more illumined legacy! 

In Unity 🌐 A'sha Love


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