“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

Hello! I'm glad you found your way to me. My name is A'sha Love. I'm the founder of Multidimensional U, which was created to support human and planetary evolution through an expansion of consciousness and love.


As a Type 1 Indigo Starseed, my contract in this lifetime includes multidimensional physics and engineering to support Earth's return journey Home to Source. I am also passionate about helping those of you here with similar missions of healing to transcend cultural conditioning to step more fully into your own soul purpose work/self-love.


  "You can't ignore your life's purpose. It will keep knocking on your door"

I invite you to check out more than 500 videos and vlogs I recorded from 2017-2021 on the MDU YouTube Channel.  In 2021 I followed my inner directive to radically down shift and do much less. After a six month break, I am once again accepting Activation applications and the Awakening program is available for purchase.

While the challenges of density and distortion in this physical plane may at times seem overwhelming, never forget that you have the power to make change for yourself. Begin by committing to  your psychic hygiene and expanding your field of light. Here's a daily meditation to help you do just that.  Remember, I am ALLways here with you, right NOW.


In Unity,

A'sha Love