“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

Multidimensional U ®   is a human and planetary rights movement, a metaphysical coaching company and an engineering hub for the build out of a New Earth, based in higher dimensional coordinates and unity consciousness. Our founder, Aja Love, shows up in multiple dimensions, to guide and facilitate personal and planetary healing.

Aja (pronounced Asia) is a Multidimensional Channel, Innergalactic Shaman, and Metaphysical Teacher. She specializes in helping people liberate themselves from the trappings of the False Self and to powerfully activate innate potentials that positively transform the way they experience reality.

Her metaphysical abilities read like a Dr. Strange novel, featuring incredible divine technologies. Her awakening began with powerful psychic and spirit medium experiences that activated during her father's death, culminating in an identity expansion that brought her into direct contact with her OverSoul and its many multidimensional aspects.

  "You can't ignore your life's purpose. It will keep knocking on your door"

Aja is honored to put her channeling and quantum healing abilities to work on behalf of others who are seeking to reunite with their Greater Selves. She serves as a Multidimensional Bridge, supporting others as they break free from the distortions of a holographic reality based in separation, rebuilding their own inner multidimensional channels.

In 2012, Aja was told by inter-dimensional visitors, "you have important tasks ahead of you". With that in mind, she has had to suspend her own disbelief countless times, learning to implicitly trust her own inner guidance system. She lives in Montana with her husband, daughter and star kitties in a zone of magical synchronicity and delights in helping others rekindle the same joy of being.  Read her story of awakening by requesting her e-book here: "How Mommy Got Her Magic Back".



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