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"The individual seeking access to Aja is really seeking access to lost, hidden, submerged aspects of themselves. You call these soul fragments. We call them the soul's hidden agenda, an interesting game of hide and seek. The people involved in this game are powerful beings with important missions, seeking clarity and activation at this pivotal time in the evolution of the human race. They are searching for this greater something within themselves. Aja has the ability to hand them the keys. Aja is a catalyst, an activator and an incredible champion for this fleet of brilliant souls. Her field unlocks, unzips, their own higher dimensional codes. Then, there is clarity of purpose and a truer sense of direction, free from the distractions and distortions of duality. There is ONEness, a sense of coming home and feeling whole once again. The multidimensional codex activated is true liberation. The masters are waking up, ready to play a new game. This is why they seek her company and counsel. To remember themselves." - Archangel Michael

Hello, Bright Light! Every year, I open up my calendar in the warmer months for people who want individual, in-person time with me. If spending a day with me to activate your Multidimensional Self resonates for you, I warmly invite you to join me! It would be my deLIGHT to guide you at this level in your personal journey. We'll begin the day at my home in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana and venture out into the beauty of the Northern Rockies, as directed.

Bring your heart's deepest desires, an open mind, comfortable walking shoes, and your journal. You will depart with greater clarity about who you are and what you're meant to do in this lifetime. You will feel incredible joy as you step across the threshold of what's been holding you back. And you will reclaim the expansive freedom you've been seeking.

If this invitation evokes a strong energetic or emotional response, trust that your Higher Self is guiding you forward. This may be just the disruption to "business as usual" and the elevation into the next octave of your embodiment you didn't know you were looking for.  With LOVE, Aja

"All I can say is now I’m “twinkling”. If you ever get a chance to spend time being in the physical presence of Aja Andromeda; DO IT.  She and Jude are the most loving, inclusive and incredibly thoughtful souls I have come across in this lifetime! It is so clear now just how my life experience has led me to this place. I truly am a powerful wayshower that has been waiting for this time. I have answered my call and now it’s time to get to the FUN part by actually living out my dreams! As a bonus I came down to the river at my b&b for some reflection and got a validation sign. As I sit and listen to the river and the bird song and watch the eagle soar, my thoughts turn to all of you and how grateful I am to each of you. My soul family is my truest family now and I have learned and expanded so much by uniting with you all!" -Delanea


Your private day will feature a formal channeled session of messages and energy work, light tai chi exercises with Aja's husband Jude Trapani, lunch together, ongoing conversation with your guides, and a field trip in Aja's convertible! You will begin your day by 10am and wrap up by 3pm.  Aja works in very high frequencies. Most people are tired after just a few hours spent with her. Plan time for rest in the evening and the first half of the following day. Drink plenty of water.


Lunch is included. Transport during the day and entrance fees to sites included.  A customized itinerary will be downloaded for you. Sometimes the directives arrive day of, so we'll be flexible enough to include these.

This is a curated Private Day with only you and Aja (or in a small group) and has been priced accordingly. Serious applications only, please. Group days include group channeled messages and activations, tai chi with Jude, lunch and a brief, private session (20 min) with Aja. Transport to and from the meeting site and lodging not included. Aja lives in Hamilton, Montana. The nearest major airport is MSO (Missoula), a 45-minute drive to the north. A rental car or cab service is recommended.


Apply below. You can expect a replay within 48 hours of your application.

​​Private Days 2021

Aja's Home: Due to Covid-19, all private and group days are currently suspended. If you would like to be added to a waitlist, please email us at info@multidimensionalu.com.

Small Group Days 2021

Aja's Home: TBA

France: TBA

“The Day in Montana with Aja was a life-changing experience. To be a part of something that shifted the collective as a whole was an experience I will never forget. In choosing to participate with any kind of work with Aja, you are saying “YES” to yourself, your dreams, and discovering your truth. I left as an entirely different person than the one that entered her home that day. Her ability to connect with multiple dimensions, beings, and access and activate your own unique codes is out of this world. I look forward to working with her again!”


“For the past few years I have been working on myself with various shaman, healers and coaches and have valued each one that has come into my world to assist. Aja is one of the most powerful and efficient and at the same time, compassionate and understanding of what it’s like to be on this journey through life at this time.  Don’t hesitate to work with her if you feel called to - you won’t regret it."


"When I think of Aja, I am reminded of the proverb “When the student is ready, the master will appear.” I feel profound gratitude for the exceptional guidance that she has offered on my journey. Finding her was like stumbling on an oasis in the desert, satisfying an unquenchable thirst for connection and support, at precisely the right moment. Her teachings about metaphysics, multidimensionality, and energetic alignment have been of tremendous value during my awakening journey, allowing me to understand and normalize what was happening during times of deep shadow work, growth, integration and ascension. It has been exciting to discover new perspectives and to gain increased clarity as to the path forward. I have no doubt that she has and will continue to deeply impact the lives of many Wayshowers, leading the way at the cutting-edge of the New Earth build-out. I will definitely be along for the ride!"


"I recently attended a group meeting hosted by Aja where eight like minded star seeds were together and had the most amazing experience. It was wonderful to feel the love and beautiful energy that is a part of this community. If you ever have the opportunity to meet Aja in person you won’t be disappointed her light shines bright and it was like a “homecoming” or a “family reunion”. I want to thank Aja and her family for opening up her home and sharing her little piece of heaven with us. I left Montana with clarity and skills to build on and will never forget the connections made. Much gratitude!"


"Paris was phenomenal...no words to describe the immensity of what happened. I received so much validation...and hopefully contributed in equal measure....as I am writing this to you my "Mouth of God" is buzzing. I appreciate so very much Aja for the role model she is to all of us who want to own and live fully our divinity....service to all of creation is what it is all about....I am excited for all of us since we are creating a better world /universe/multiverse for all of us....I am all in!!!"


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