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Ditch the divine discontent, align with your soul purpose, and leave the extraordinary legacy you know deep down is possible.

Despite your success as a transformational visionary, you're, well, bored and life isn't flowing like it used to.


This is not a midlife crisis. You're experiencing a phenomenon known as "divine discontent".

You've got more impact left to make, but aren't sure exactly what that means. You're in limbo between the old version of you and the new version that seeks greater soul expression at this time.


You've always been able to see further out than most people. You're highly skilled in trusting that vision and taking the leaps of faith to realize it, but you are much less practiced at facing your shadow.

The shadow is what stands between you and the fullest expression of your soul plan.

This is some of the most profound work you can undertake, but it's going to take courage (and some expert help) to achieve it.

The ascent out of your shadow can be a steep climb, but you're not meant to journey alone.


You're no stranger to the inner game. In fact, you've been in the business of personal development just about your whole life.

As a transformational leader, you know you're here to help usher in a more enlightened era. You're motivated by the greater good, even if you occasionally lose sight of it.


You've built businesses, created positive change, and built wealth for yourself and others. Overall, most people would say you've done good things for humanity.

Then why the discontent?

Let's cut to the chase - the identity you developed as a visionary leader has a shadow side.

While everyone around you caters to the position of power you hold and reinforces your positive impact, this can leave you blind to your deeper unhealed aspects.

By unconscious design, you've avoided the true path of self mastery.


Until now.

Welcome to the great work of facing and healing your shadow.

Until now, you've been working mostly in a state of projection. You became a leader, speaker, or healer and have been helping other people in one degree of separation from your greatest project = yourself!

You're now ready to remember much more your soul's wisdom, hard won across many lifetimes in human form and beyond.


In fact, this is how you will activate the greater part of your soul plan and life mission. The inner journey will, paradoxically, greatly expand your outer vision.


The call to a much deeper inner journey is growing stronger. The summit of your greatest project yet beckons.

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray." - Rumi


I'm A'sha Love, founder of Multidimensional U. For 15+ years I've been surrendering to my own greater purpose and helping people worldwide do the same.


I bring to the table extensive experience as a multidimensional guide and field agent, a deep passion for helping those beings who've cultivated Great Light find their way forward into the next level of their soul service, and a commitment to restoring evolutionary pathways for all beings in this corner of Living Creation. 

Prepare to embark on a remarkable inner journey like no other, guided by someone who has traversed both the inner and outer realms.

We will be scaling mountains, both figuratively and perhaps even literally.

You see, this inner journey morphs into a planetary mission. We will be directed to sacred places of power on the planet for an intensive retreat experience.

We will also carry out multidimensional fieldwork. These missions require the codes you and I carry. Together, we form an unstoppable force of LOVE that has the ability to override aeons of distortional influences.

This mission is a bit of Indiana Jones, mixed with Dr. Strange and Captain Marvel. You don't need to know what this all means.


You simply need to feel into your heart and body (that means get out of the analytical mind). If there is resonance, next comes the will to commit to your greater soul mission, to go ALL IN.

This will require a new level of trust and surrender. It will challenge the parts of you that still rely on control.

"Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth." - Rumi

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