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Your Spirit Guide Has a Message for You! 😇

Every spirit guide I've ever channeled has one thing in common. They know you better than you know yourself.

Why? Well, because they didn't take on the same kind of limited awareness you agreed to when incarnating as a human.

Think of them as your support team, lovingly helping you from the sidelines as much as they can. They know what you planned for this life, including the challenges.

When you get stuck resisting what your heart (and soul) yearn to do, they can really help you get out of the rut of overthinking.

They can be your greatest champion and your fiercest backstop, preventing you from backing out of what you want to do in this lifetime due to fear.

I love helping people get consciously connected to their guides! That's why I've opened up Spirit Guide Readings again.

Would you like to know who you guide is and hear what messages they have for you? My readings are different, in that while I channel your guide and pass along messages, I also have the ability to help clear your field so you can hear your guide better going forward.

Book A Spirit Reading 😇 Package of 3 Readings Be sure and watch this week's vlog to catch the fun signs and synchronicity that showed up!

In Unity

A'sha Love P.S. Yes! You can purchase readings for friends and family. Email Sarah by replying to this email or writing to to inquire.


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