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The Divine Consort Path to Enlightenment & An Amazing Sign from My Spirit Guides 😇

The universe works in mysterious ways. Recently, a friend who hadn't seen any of my video content asked me if I had heard of the concept of the divine consort.

Cue the cosmic synchronicity! It turns out there's a branch of Tibetan Buddhism called Vajrayana, which explores the path to enlightenment through relationship (as opposed to pursuing the path as a monk).

It was just the validation I needed to continue following this inner directive to hold this public conversation about the divine complement relationship.

As usual with my journey of awakening, I never feel like I know what I'm talking about, but surrender to the directive to do so anyway. As I bring through the information, I am learning / remembering right alongside you!

The phrase "hierogamic union" came into my mind a couple of weeks ago. Upon further research, it turns out there are many levels to the "sacred marriage" of the divine feminine and masculine, beyond soul mate and twin flame. Enter the Blue Lotus Crystal Heart levels of relationship.

For those of you who follow my multidimensional field missions across the globe, you'll remember I was directed to Sarasota, Florida and then to Montsegur, France last December.

What I didn't share then is that I was working with the Flame of Amoraea in France. I love how I see and hear these concepts in the field and then have a place to validate them when I return. We all took on different roles and I am grateful to the scribes!

For those of you involved in similar work, the evolution of our love relationships to complete advanced ascension work will resonate.

The big reveal in this vlog is that the Divine Complement relationship is not just a human love story. It is the union of two evolved beings and the coming together of two divine templates to unlock the trigate and unfold new reality fields.


If you find yourself drawn to this conversation, if it stirs something deep within you, pay attention. Your soul is nudging you towards a path of self-discovery and alignment.

And even if you're not involved in next level ascension physics, remember, every relationship – romantic or otherwise – serves as a mirror, showing us where we still have room to grow and love ourselves more fully.

The extent to which we stay armored up is the extent to which we deny ourselves the opportunity to be vulnerable and to love ourselves (and others) unconditionally.

So let's lean into the discomfort, embrace the journey of self-discovery, and create a reality filled with harmony and love.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so please leave a comment on this week's video. And if you resonate with this message, help spread the love by sharing this article. Together, we can elevate consciousness and bring more light into the world.

Until next time, stay true to yourself, embrace the journey, and remember – you are loved beyond measure.

In Unity 🌐

A'sha Love

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