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Beyond Conscious ๐Ÿ’— Episode 3: Releasing Old Patterns

Welcome to this safe space in which we're exploring the frontiers of human evolution through our own multidimensionality. In the third episode of Season 2 of my podcast "Beyond Conscious, Becoming Multidimensional", I share a message about why we revisit negative patterns and how we can transcend them:

โ€œAs a pattern of soul growth, a person will enter back into a destructive relationship or pattern in order to recreate the emotions that accompanied the original wounding. For example, if your needs were unmet by a parent, you'll continue to "need" that partner, friend, boss, or colleague that disappoints you in the same way until you are willing to make a different choice for yourself.

Once you've healed these patterns, you can rise above the din. This means you no longer lose touch with the more integral aspects of your being and enter a state of fragmented forgetfulness.โ€

This isn't about getting things right or wrong, it's about transcending what we have been. In order to do this effectively, we must step out of judgment. If negative, looping patterns frustrate you, tune in to see the feelings of despair and disempowerment. Maybe there is a belief that nothing can change and you'll be stuck with these patterns forever?

It's worth noting that we live with the negative effects of much covert influence. While much of this hidden history will soon be making its way back into collective memory, the good news is that you can take fifty percent of the discontent and disharmony you're feeling right off the top. It's not even yours.

By not taking personal ownership of it, you will stop wrestling with artificially manufactured drama. You simply let go of the rope of tug of war and stop playing the zero sum game meant to distract you.

Now, we can lean in to the remaining half of the disharmony and recreate our life experience with conscious intent. By revisiting the same pattern, perhaps with different players and cirumstances, we afford ourselves an opportunity to shift it.

This time, we can exercise more of our free will choice in terms of what we choose to think or believe about the situation. We can "try on" different choices in what we choose to think or believe and feel. Like the movie director who wants to see a certain scene acted out in different ways, we can introduce greater flexibility into our greatest creation - our own life experience!

In Unity ๐ŸŒ

Aโ€™sha Love


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