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This Is Your Wake Up Call

This is your wake up call. You did not come here to fit in. You came to build New Earth.

The phone is ringing and you’re not picking up.

“Discernment requires that Initiates learn to go inward and ‘feel’ the vibrational frequency of each thing that confronts them… If the vibrational frequency is high, then following the message will bring greater things to the soul.… This was the way of the Atlantean Masters. This will be the way in the Seventh Golden Age”.

-Master Kuthumi (Milanovich)

I come to you this week from the Heart of New Lemuria in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Early in the morning of December 11th, on the eve of the 12:12 threshold, I tuned in to do mission work and then spent some time visiting with Pleiadians on one of their Light Ships.

I invited their perspective of how I can best implement one of my contracts, which is to help all of you (my fellow Wayshower Starseeds) reconnect to your Greater Selves. Here is what they, along with other galactics, had to say:

“The challenges associated with the matrix programming were greater than we all anticipated. Many beings have been contained in a small fractal of their potential. They have forgotten who they are and are entangled in 3D reality as a result of very effective A.I. technology.

You must help them refocus and disentangle themselves from the noise and distraction that holds them in a lower state of consciousness, out of alignment with their True Selves.

They have forgotten their own story. Remind them who they are and what they came to do. Their contracts to be of service are igniting. They will feel great pressure. Many of them feel as though they’ve been jailed. Show them the door has always been open.”

Listen to this week’s full message below and check out those chickens! The roosters on the island of Kuau’i had my back as I recorded this message for you this week. Can I get a “cock-a-doodle-doo”?!:

The days of ignoring your heart’s whispers are over. Your contract is calling and is going to come crashing through your door. That job you’ve been saying you’re going to quit? That relationship that’s no longer in alignment? That business you know you’re supposed to launch? That move you’ve been thinking about?

Do it. Now. Like yesterday, now.

I’m in it with you (look for a big announcement soon). Change can happen faster than you think, so be careful you’re not holding back based on your limiting beliefs (a.k.a. negative matrix programming) about how things have been, about what has been possible.

When you’re reassigned and deployed as part of your Soul Contract work, the magic carpet comes flying up to meet you. The stars align.

What are you waiting for? You’ve heard the voice, felt the nudge. Stop ignoring your intuition and trying to cling to safety because very soon that illusion of security will be gone, as divinely orchestrated by your Higher Self.

Phew! My field is being used as a backstop for you all this week. No more excuses. You’ve got this. I see who you are. I believe in you.

Now…. GO!!

With LOVE,


Innergalactic Shaman

Founder, Multidimensional U ®



Would you like to journey beyond limiting beliefs that are holding you in the same Would you like higher dimensional support right now?

Shortly before our online video session, I will connect to your field and then share what comes through. Ask as many questions as you like! My intention is to provide a safe, yet powerful container in which blocks are released and you are reconnected more clearly to your own Higher Guidance. A link to download your session will be emailed to you within a day or two afterward.

If you have technical questions about booking please email our Client Concierge Deanna Dawson at

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