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Levitate with Levity

"The whole earth is in jail and we're plotting this incredible jailbreak." - Wavy Gravy

Laughter is an act of rEVOLUTION. Used intentionally, it will recalibrate your vibration into a higher octave. The act of laughing moves stuck energy, releases tension, and lightens our mood. And it’s contagious!

There is a reason I recommend engaging in laughter yoga as part of your awakening journey. Humor is the heat of hot yoga. It keeps us pliable and flexible in our attitudes and emotions. In a world where everyone is taught to "get serious" in the early days of school, keeping a sense of humor is a much-needed tonic.

Let me be clear about the kind of humor I’m talking about. This isn’t sarcasm or making fun of others. This is seeing the humor in ourselves and laughing for no reason. Why do we need an excuse to smile, be happy and laugh? Especially when we know that’s the high vibration we need to be in to create this incredible vision of New Earth we each hold?

I’m fairly certain I’m not going to levitate if I don’t keep it light and playful. And that’s what my Mantid aspect showed me is a part of my near future - levitation and teleportation. What?! Listen in to this week’s message below:

Don’t take yourself too seriously in the week ahead. Keep laughing. Don’t let yourself get wound up about anything. Stay in neutrality. Keep a light heart. It’s a rEVOLUTIONary act! Ready to lighten it up? I laugh A LOT in my work with clients! I invite you to consider applying to The Emergence Experience, a deep dive journey to uncover your Truest Self.

With LOVE,


Innergalactic Shaman

Founder, Multidimensional U ®



Would you like to journey beyond limiting beliefs that are holding you in the same old patterns? Ready to reclaim a much more expansive I AM identity and step into service like never before during this incredible time of Ascension on planet Earth? I invite you to apply to The Emergence Experience. This is a powerful experiential journey. Limited space. By application only. Once you submit your application, our Director of Client Relations, Dr. Nadia Brown, will schedule an interview with you to ensure a good fit.

Thank you for your interest!


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