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You Don't Need Someone Else's Certification

While in my afterglow from spending time with my business coach and peers in Paris, I have a message for you about your innate Multidimensional Intelligence. As a Wayshower, you arrived on the planet with a specialized set of gifts and abilities that align with your Soul Purpose in this lifetime.

Your innate drive to serve humanity likely presented itself early in life. For example, I AM here to help the human collective self liberate and to reclaim self sovereignty. By the age of fifteen, I had established an Amnesty International chapter in my high school and was organizing letter writing campaigns by students to free political prisoners around the globe.

You, too, have been driven to create, express, and contribute in the zone of your own unique brilliance and desire to live out your soul contract. Here's the catch. Your brilliance comes so naturally to you it's like breathing. So you undervalue and underestimate its worth. Why? Because most of us were conditioned with "hard work" programming.

For some of you, my amazing friends and clients, helping couples heal their relationship is your passion and joy. For others, it's stepping into spiritual teaching, space clearing for enhanced well-being, transforming community, promoting the healing power of the arts, introducing new timelines, helping others heal from pain and trauma, and the list goes on.

When I began channeling, conducting energy field clearing work, and leading astral journeys off planet, I thought to myself, "This can't possibly be this easy". A-ha! Think again. I AM built for this work.

And you are built for what makes you uniquely brilliant as well. So focus on that. Not just what you can do or what you're really good at, but what comes most naturally and feels easy to you. It will be the thing that fills your cup and energizes you.

As you reawaken to your Multidimensional Self, your brilliance will amplify. Dormant innate abilities will reactivate. Your unique perspective, based in a plurality of existences across the Multiverse, will assert itself. You will create at inspired new levels.

While it's tempting to pursue external validation, such as someone else's certification, please pause before doing so to reflect. Is it truly aligned? Or, are you ready to launch your own creation? Trust yourself.

We have been so conditioned to seek credibility outside of ourselves, we forget to seek within. The planet doesn't need more conformity. We need each person to follow your heart's dreams and desires, to engage with your passions, and to give yourself permission to work from your brilliance, not your competence.

What ideas have you been sitting on? How have you been holding back? It's time to unleash more of your unique brilliance, in service to the planet and the human collective.

You've got this!

With LOVE,

Aja, Founder

Multidimensional U™

P.S. If you know you're meant to change what you're doing, but have been grappling with what you're supposed to do next, don’t worry. All of us are being pushed into our next expansive identity and body of work at this time. You have SO MUCH support in the non-physical dimensions. If you'd like more support on your journey, I invite you to consider The Emergence Experience. We'd love to talk with you! Book a complimentary call with me to explore how we can support you on your journey.


"Aja has an amazing ability to accurately tune into your energy field and instantly “see” and “know” who you really are. She helps you reintegrate the aspects of your soul that will make you whole again.

Her insights and intuition have helped me let go of the burdens of the past, gain clarity, and find my voice and purpose again.

I have grown exponentially during our time together. You will too! Her sessions are truly “magical” and they will change your life forever!"

- Cindy Pillsbury, Energy Intuitive

P.S.S. Ready to rEVOLUTIONize what it means to be human? Be part of an emergent community of awakening Wayshowers to share, support, and encourage one another to live your Soul Purpose in powerful new ways. Together, we are going to LIGHT this planet UP! Join the Multidimensional U CommUNITY today!

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