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What a powerful shift we are living through. After the U.S. presidential election, the world was thrown into uncertainty and chaos. I was on my solo spiritual retreat in France at the time and I keenly felt the intensity of emotion ripple through the collective field.

We have just been gifted with a powerful opportunity for self-reflection, if we know how to engage with it. If the election results sparked a sense out outrage and fear or a sense of righteous vindication, what is the Source of those feelings for you?

The common thread throughout the American collective, no matter who you voted for, no matter what “side” you’re on, is a very real sense of victimization. Something “out there” is making me feel angry and fearful. The hologram of reality is being played out in “us” and “them” terms, in a framework of duality where one team “wins” while another “loses”.

My invitation to you is to begin to reflect on the Source of your fear and anger. If you spend time doing this, you will realize that you have been giving your power away, victimizing yourself, and using your incredible, divine creative faculties to your own (and the collective’s) detriment.

Check in with yourself right now. Does just reading this trigger a sense of indignation on some level?

Perfect. That trigger is showing you where you still hold an illusion of separation and what fear-based programs are still operating in your system. These are distortions of perception. Perception creates reality. Thought precedes form. Our consciousness forms the physical world we experience. The observer affects the outcome.

Let’s play a virtual game. You have an avatar in this game that you can only maneuver using your thoughts and feelings. The “success” of the experience is determined by how well you can hold a series of high frequency emotions, including unconditional love, joy, and gratitude. If you delve into the lower emotions, your avatar gets bogged down. At first, you get frustrated at watching your avatar struggle. Then, you remember the rules of the game, and your bring your emotions up, up, up. To your delight, your avatar begins to move again, to create beauty, and to surprise you with what it goes on to experience during the course of the game.

In this metaphor, the avatar is you and the person playing the game is your Higher Self. We are quite literally constructing our experience of reality via our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

If I could teach only one thing, based on what I’ve learned channeling Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters for hundreds of clients, is that if you aren’t actively writing your own narrative, someone else is writing it for you.

We all inherited cultural constructs and conditioning that are fear-based. Our great work is to step out of these constructs, to realign with our Higher Self, and to gain mastery over our creations. So, identify all the ways you feel victimized by tracking back from anger, resentment, and fear. Then, understand that it’s up to you to rewrite these narratives. Otherwise, you will continue to victimize yourself.

This change-related chaos has been foretold by off-planet sources for many years now. It is time for major planetary shift and ascension. This will look like destruction to many people, but know that in order to heal as a collective, the darkest of emotions must first be allowed to surface. As they come to Light, if they are met with more dark emotion, the struggle will continue. If they are met with unconditional Love, they will have nothing to engage with and will eventually dissipate.

Your most bold and courageous act during these times is to always return to love, to choose radical gratitude, despite what appears to be going on “out there”. What do you want your legacy, your contribution to this Earth project, to look like? Focus on what you are grateful for (either already actualized or still in the field of potential) and create that.

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