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Embracing the Healing Renaissance 💗Part 2: Unpacking the War on Subjectivity

I hope this message finds you well and open to the wonders of our ever-evolving world! It's an exciting time as the world ventures into what portends to be a Healing Renaissance. This transformational journey is something I'm thrilled to explore together with you in a this three-part video series. If you missed part one, you can find it here.

Nearly 15 years ago, my spiritual awakening began, and it was a pivotal moment in my life. Coming from a family of scientists and engineers, my worldview was firmly rooted in science, objectivity, rationalism, and reason. However, as I embarked on this journey, I experienced a profound sense of betrayal. The scientific community not only failed to recognize the existence of a greater multidimensional reality, but it also dismissed it with contempt. This revelation was a trigger point for me, and even today, it remains an emotional wound that I am working to heal.

Wondering How You Can Work With Me? For those who are interested in being part of this transformative movement, I am offering programs designed to help the following folks:

  • Excited to begin working in the metaphysical space? Already work in the healing arts, but know it's time to level up? The Activation Track of The Emergence Experience will re-open in a couple of weeks. This is a great place for Reiki Masters, intuitives, and other healers to get the love and support they know they need to level up their work. *NEW this year: I will be sharing my considerable business acumen so you have the support you need to make a living from your healing arts!

  • The 8/8 Virtual Healing Clinic "Healing with Harmonics" is just 2 days away! We still have some spots available. Learn More and Register Here. Payment plans are available. Email Sarah at to request more information.

  • The 8-Day Flash Sale on my 6-month Awakening Foundations Course wraps up on 8/8. Use coupon code CLINIC to enjoy 50% off the pay in full option. *BONUS* The first 10 people to enroll will be invited to join me for a 20-minute Welcome Call & Spirit Guide Reading! Enroll Here

  • I have been inner directed to pioneer the application of multidimensional field work technology to improve outcomes for health and wellness clinics and retreat centers. Stay tuned... a major research institute is currently in discussions to study the impact of my work! If you are interested in engaging my services for your organization or agency in terms of hiring a part-time Strategic Energy Advisor, please email Sarah at to find out how to book an exploratory call with me.

I want to express my gratitude for your presence and commitment to personal growth and healing. Remember, we are all in this together. Let's create a reality that balances both objectivity and subjectivity, leading us to a brighter future filled with love and understanding and inclusivity of all experience. 💗 In Unity 🌐 A’sha Love Let's revolutionize what it means to be human!


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