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​​Healing Renaissance Series: Part 3 - Don't Think You're a Healer? Think Again!

Greetings and a warm welcome to the third installment of our three-part video series on the Healing Renaissance! Today, we're diving even deeper into this incredible journey that our civilization and our planet are currently embarking upon.

In the early days of our awakening, it might have felt like we were simply grinding away in the same old frequencies, with not much change in sight. However, for those of us who have been on a continuous awakening journey over the past few decades, the signs of transformation are becoming increasingly apparent. The most remarkable sign is the evolution of our own identities and the work we are undertaking to heal ourselves and our world.

One of the paradoxes of transcending consciousness and becoming multidimensional is that you don't always see technological advances coming because they don't follow a linear path. If you're someone attuned to energy and sensitive to its subtle shifts, you can feel this truth resonating within you. Your energy field is not the same as it was, not even six months ago, let alone five years ago.

​​The good news is that these technological advancements are not the result of extensive research and development, nor do they require years of linear innovation. They spring forth from our multidimensional selves, tapping into a wealth of wisdom and knowledge beyond this world, and they are nothing short of incredible.

However, challenges may arise, particularly in the form of skepticism and limiting beliefs. You might find yourself hitting a wall of doubt, thinking, "Can these innovations truly be that revolutionary? Doesn't progress take time?"

But my inner directive, and perhaps yours too, is to step beyond these limitations and bring these consciousness-based innovations into practical, applied forms. It's not merely about studying them extensively; it's about implementing these innovations and solutions. For example, in my recent virtual clinic, we discussed the pressing need for these advancements, and this need is only growing as we face more disruptive waves of change.

​​When you step back and contemplate the challenges we're collectively experiencing, you realize that if these challenges serve our soul's growth, they are worth facing. Many of you, like me, are undergoing a profound expansion as we deconstruct and rebuild our identities. Whether you're just beginning to realize this transformation or you're further along the path, please know that you are not alone. These times can be intense, and they encompass not only healing from past traumas but also addressing a concept I'd like to delve into: inversions.

In this third message of our series, we're going to explore the concept of a person's sphere of influence and how it's due for a redesign or a reformatting, if you will. Much of how people traditionally operate involves reacting to external energies. However, it's time to flip the script!

​​The inversion I'm speaking of involves broadcasting loving intent and coherence into the field through your multidimensional structure. In doing so, you become a high-vibrational vortex of influence, making people feel good around you in ways that extend beyond our current understanding. This process involves reshaping the interconnected plasma fields, fostering greater unity and harmony among various systems of reality.

Now, this might sound complex, and you might not grasp every detail intellectually – and that's perfectly fine. Multidimensional work often transcends our mental frameworks and is better felt than explained. It's about being and allowing rather than trying to label and define everything.

The key takeaway here is that anyone committed to creating a more coherent, loving broadcast from their heart and intention becomes a healer in their own right. Healing, in this context, means making whole and emerging from fragmentation. Your mere presence in the physical world broadcasts these templates into the unified field.

To summarize the direct transmission I've received: everyone has the potential to be a healer because everyone can cultivate this inversion. Remember, it's about broadcasting from within, rather than reacting to external influences. By shifting from reaction to creation, we transcend old patterns and embark on a journey of integration and transformation.

Now, if this concept feels a bit abstract or challenging to grasp, don't worry. It's perfectly normal to feel that way, especially when dealing with such expansive ideas. What's important is the internal experience, not just intellectual understanding.

As we move forward, consider that we are all healers in our own unique ways. The notion of categorizing ourselves into narrow boxes like "healer" limits our potential. I've worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds – engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, stay-at-home parents, artists, and more. What unites them is their desire for greater freedom of expression, a profound shift from self-limiting roles they once identified with.

Imagine a world where every family or community has a designated person who serves as a spiritual advisor or guide, a beacon of wisdom and healing. This concept, present in many indigenous cultures, suggests that the role of a healer or guide is not reserved for a select few. Instead, it becomes a shared responsibility within every group. This shift in perspective broadens our understanding of who can be a healer and how they can impact the world.

As I reflect on my own experiences, I realize that these profound transformations come from embracing your authentic self. This is not about self-identifying as "enlightened" but genuinely embodying your true essence. It's about unfolding the layers that restrict you, like origami, revealing the vast surface area that was hidden. This process leads to a more aligned, expansive, authentic, and joyful version of yourself.

So, why should you embark on this journey of self-discovery and healing, and how can it benefit you? Well, for starters, it leads to better decision-making, as clarity emerges from the energetic understanding of different scenarios and choices. This newfound clarity eliminates the need for indecision and second-guessing.

Additionally, this transformation sparks creative inspiration and opens the door to fresh ideas that were previously unimaginable. Better outcomes become the norm across various aspects of life. Moreover, the impact extends to metrics we might not even be aware of yet, underscoring the importance of this journey.

In conclusion, the big question is: why embark on this multidimensional journey? The simplest answer is that you want to, and your soul desires it. You don't need to understand all the intricacies or have knowledge of multidimensional physics to take this path. It's about aligning with your inner calling, which should be reason enough.

By unfolding yourself, you become a magnetic force, effortlessly attracting the experiences, opportunities, and possibilities that align with your expanded template. Your life becomes less about chasing after potentials and more about experiencing the natural flow of alignment.

​​So, as you consider this journey, take a moment to celebrate how far you've come, and remember that embracing your authentic self and healing isn't just about evolving but also about enjoying a more expansive, free, and joyful life.

It's about revolutionizing what it means to be human, not by achieving technological milestones, but by evolving into a beacon of light and change within your sphere of influence​.

In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for exciting news. Enrollment for a couple of my Emergence Experience tracks will reopen soon. The Activation Track, designed for those on the path of awakening, and the Expansion Track for the third year of your journey will both be available. If you've completed the Activation Track and feel the call to revisit that transformative spiral, the opportunity is just around the corner. We'll journey together for the year, and I promise you, you'll emerge as a beautifully evolved version of yourself.

As we part ways for now, know that you are cherished and loved deeply. I wish you all a magical, multidimensional day, filled with love, light, and boundless possibilities. You are never alone on this journey, for we are all in this together! 💗

In Unity 🌐

A'sha Love

P.S. Our community thrives when we share our stories and insights. I encourage you to leave a comment under this video, sharing what resonated with you. Even if it was just a tiny spark of inspiration, your words can ignite a fire within someone else. You can also use this space to make a commitment to yourself and the world. When you declare your intentions, the universe listens, and we, your loving community, stand ready to support you! Rest assured, this is a safe space. 😇


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