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Earth Day Message 🌏 The Source Self

Let's all lighten it up a little bit. In this way, we create new photonic pathways for new life and creative energy to flow.

Thanks to those of you who took a minute to respond to last week’s survey regarding what you’d like support with in terms of multidimensional education and experience. Surprise you, I will!

Since my update earlier this year, I underwent even more reformatting. It was time to not just intellectually embrace myself as Source, but to truly embody my Source Self.

Like many of you, I've been in a huge deconstruction and renovation during the last three years, revisiting what my purpose is (at ever more expansive levels) and shaking loose from anything that is no longer in congruence.

Much of what I was doing this past year was following my inner guidance to let go of so much so that I could really remember what it was like to live in a sovereign way. I didn’t do this in a distorted kind of lone wolf, do it all on my own way. It has been more about remembering what it's like to source all my information, my needs, my resources from within, without feeling like I was dependent on external constructs that really don’t lend themselves to expressing our full potential.

We are incredible fractals of Source and, at this special time, we are beginning to draw forth from within the original intention for creation, which is the expansion of Love through an expansion of self-awareness and consciousness.

Story time! A couple of months ago, while enjoying my morning coffee in the spacious expanse of the new day, I invited in more remembering with the statement, “Show me something I'm ready to remember”.

In response, I heard, “You are not the point of creation”. Wait, what? It was a record scratch, music halting sort of moment. If I’m not the point of creation, what is? And then I heard very distinctly as a thought form, “That which created you”.

I instantly understood what was happening. I understood that this was Source speaking. It was like the final big reveal of my awakening journey. I just started laughing and laughing! Now I know why my more enlightened aspect in human form, GujutRan, is always laughing.

We're all just here having an experience as Source. We might be considered a character. These human avatars are a creation of our soul and the soul is the creation of the OverSoul and you just keep going out all the way to the most encompassing field of Source, the All That Is. And, in my humble opinion, Love created Source.

If we’re here in order to expand Love in the Multiverse through our own expanding consciousness, then Love is ultimately the place to get back to. What matters most is that every one across all races and star systems, eventually remembers that they are Source Love.

Love is the foundation

To remember ourselves as Source is to free ourselves from the dogmatic, prescriptive, and inflexible belief systems that keep us trapped in the same version of identity and reality.

It is the recollection that we can always make a different choice and experience something new. Through this contrast, we learn and grow.

If we commit to choose love, not fear, we will find ourselves expanding back into who we really are (and always have been). We don’t have to wait until we die and leave our bodies to experience this homecoming. How cool is that?

I’ve also been spending a lot of time traveling in the astral and through the Multiverse with GujutRan. He’s been kind of like an adventure buddy! I was shown a lot of different things that were immediately validated in the videos I was guided to watch of people who’ve had near death experiences.

I’m so grateful for this kind of communication with my Greater Self. I remember the early days of my awakening, when it was such a slog to get through all of my skepticism and resistance to what I was experiencing. This is by far one of the densest and more challenging places to remember that you are Love!

It's so important for those of us who took on service contracts to give ourselves the latitude to retreat inward when needed, and then come back out to play the role we didn't even remember that we had agreed to play.

It’s been a huge learning experience for me in the last few years to deeply accept who I am and what I’m here to do/be. This can be challenging, especially when these roles don’t fit in a neat and tidy box that humanity has agreed to accept as part of its current reality.

Having recently reviewed my astrological chart, it’s clear that I came in to reverse engineer the cultural entrapments of fear-based survival and scarcity, hard work that goes nowhere, martyrdom and self sacrifice (servitude). I came to remind humanity that we can transcend these distortions by facing and healing our individual and collective shadow, and by activating inner technology innate to our human design.

And, despite the ongoing (and likely upcoming) conflicts and polarity dramas, it’s important that we remember what matters most. That is, to remember that we are all an expression of Source Love.

We are all in a collective meditation together. Reality is not a fixed, finite, inflexible objective experience. We are holographically projecting our own reality at all times. So now it becomes a game of playful remembering: I AM Source. I created a character and I was unconscious of this, but now I am conscious. And now I get to choose differently, what I think and feel and what I create with those thoughts and emotions, knowing there are no wrong choices.

Through an experience of contrast, I am now refining my preference for an expansion of love at all times instead of succumbing to collective patterns of contraction into fearful states based in the ultimate distortion - that I am separate from Source. You can’t be separate from that which you are!

So remember, it’s all a game! You can make it a really hard game, or an easier, grace-filled game, depending on which narrative you choose to tell yourself about the events you experience.

Let’s lighten it up!

The invitation this Earth Day from our planetary consciousness is to lighten up and move into more playful and childlike states of being. This will help balance out the incredibly dense and heavy “beast of burden” and martyr state of being so many continue to choose for themselves.

This video I recorded a few years ago in Montana with my Sasquatch friend who was a real goofball might help get you started with a little laugh therapy! If you're interested in getting to a place that's much more lighthearted, where you're quick to laugh, commit to your psychic hygiene. Pick up the Daily Clearing Meditation (or reboot your practice of it). Spend time in water play. Let go of pushing and forcing (attempting to control); move into more allowing and receiving.

Commit to your shadow work and to seeing your blind spots. The extent to which we're willing to turn and face our shadow and integrate that, it just makes us so much more prone to be able to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves so seriously.

This is the request from Mother Earth this year. Let's all lighten it up a little bit and as we lighten up, we lighten the rest of the field. We're infusing and informing the field differently. In this way we create new photonic pathways for new life and creative energy to flow. We’re not resisting or fighting anything. We’re allowing ourselves to expand back into more joy, thereby emanating a brighter, happier version of reality to play in.

So this year, in addition to the physical environmental clean up activities, make a commitment to moving out of polarity dramas, victimhood and to choosing love over fear on the daily. This is one of the best kinds of earth restoration cleanup we all can be doing!

Who’s with me? Who’s going to help clean up this Earth Day by lightening up? Leave a comment and let me know!

In Unity 🌐

A’sha Love

Resources mentioned in the vlog:

2019 Vlog: Laughter is a form of energy communication

Jessa Walters, Evolutionary Astrologist

Disclaimer: the links below lead to next level disclosure information. I don't necessarily endorse them as much as it's the only information that matches my lived experience with multidimensional matrix and grid work and my encounters with regressive ETs, many of whom are defecting out of overly hierarchical systems of power and looking for the way Home now.

I’ve found most people don’t hear me when I mention them, probably because it’s not meant for them at this time. Only proceed if you feel a strong energetic pull. Otherwise, it’s probably not going to help you on your journey. It's challenging material if you're new to the subject.

Remember, knowing things doesn't make you wise and enlightened. It's how you choose to think, feel and act from a place of love that does. If you continue to "other" and demonize, welp, you're just not helping. This isn't about winning a war. It's about each individual fractal of Source waking back up, ending the hidden war within, and going Home to a higher octave of embodiment.


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