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Healing with Harmonics
Tuesday, August 8th at 3:00pm EDT

A Virtual Clinic with A'sha Love

Humanity is navigating the crisis of deconstruction. Would you like to advance your inner healing capacity to meet this moment? This small-group interactive event has limited space. Register below!

We find ourselves in a time of sustained crisis and at the beginning of a Healing Renaissance. Long-standing beliefs, systems, and structures are being challenged and dismantled.


It's a period of significant upheaval and transformation, forcing everyone to confront uncomfortable truths and reevaluate our understanding of the world and ourselves.


You may be surprised at how much you are being asked to face during this time. You may be wondering, "Wait! Why is this coming up again?"


As we navigate through this turbulent era, we are called to adapt, grow, and seek new perspectives and tools to deal with a backlog of suppressed emotion and find healthier paths forward.


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

-Albert Einstein


The empowered response is to acknowledge the discomfort and then move out of resistance to it. Leaning into our individual and collective shadow work will go a long way to rebuilding our reality from a foundation of love, rather than fear.


We can also begin to tap much-needed technologies associated with our Greater Self. This entails shifting from relying solely on our limited, linear ways of acquiring information and understanding to tapping into our multidimensional, intuitive self. The advantages are substantial.

Instead of being overwhelmed, our mind is liberated to experience inspired "aha" moments, where understanding is not sought but rather effortlessly received. This shift in approach empowers us to navigate through this turbulent time with greater clarity and healing efficiency.

Let me be frank. This is radical, leading-edge healing technology. Because it was developed beyond the level of consciousness that created the problems we face, it offers incredible solutions we can barely imagine.

While the world may be caught up in conflicts, projecting blame, and engaging in polarizing dramas, we have the opportunity to become a beacon of hope by exemplifying how to confront our inner struggles and personal challenges while still supporting others.

The time has come to engage with our Multidimensional Self and the mighty gifts it can render us. As we do so, we unlock the potential for profound and lasting healing in the form of a reality reshaped by love.


"This shift in operating system will have a vast impact on the way that you navigate this time. It will lessen fatigue because you are not attempting to place a thousand variables into your mind and process them the old way. You are allowing the composite to make itself known to you and then your multidimensional intelligence can rearrange them and shift the template, thereby offering a healing that is completely holistic in its design." -The Founders


Spend several hours with A'sha Love in an experiential, small group setting in which she will share real-time channeled messages and facilitate next-level inner networking in order for you to access profound multidimensional template shifts designed for this moment. We will also hear from our more evolved galactic "big brothers and sisters", who are cheering us on at this pivotal time in our civilization's history.


The virtual clinic begins at 3:00pm EDT and ends no later than 6:00pm EDT. Check your time zone here.  An event recording will be sent out afterward. This is a smaller group retreat with limited space, so if you plan to participate, be sure to register soon! There will be time for question and answer and individual attention.

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email. The email includes instructions about how to prepare for the event. Due to the activating nature of this event, a follow up 1-hour private session with A'sha is being made available if you feel you need further support, for purchase in combination with the retreat. You will be invited to book that in later August and September.

A'sha 2023.jpg


A'sha Love is the Founder of Multidimensional U. She has been facilitating life-changing metaphysical coaching programs and multidimensional experiences beginning in 2015, after following the inner directives of her own Higher Calling.


She is passionate about realizing human evolution by helping people reconnect to the Source that they are. Read her full bio.

Questions about the event? Would you like to request a payment plan? Don't hesitate to email Sarah at She is happy to help!

All sales final and non-transferable. To ensure you get the most out of this clinic, we ask that you clear your field before the event (instructions will be sent upon registration).

New to Multidimensional U? Learn more about A'sha here.

There really are no words for the depth of my experience and how amazing and life altering this experience was. A'sha is a rare find. The real deal.

When I read the invite I knew I had to go. There was a very strong and immediate response to the invitation. I could feel that things were shifting in a big way for me and there was a knowing that this experience would be part of the shifts. I also knew I had work to do in that location at the particular time.


A'sha is a highly skilled facilitator and holds a container for transformative work beautifully and powerfully. The information she brought through was enlightening and felt spot on. I felt held and supportive every moment I was there.

I have a much clearer and larger understanding of who I am and how I can serve humanity and the planet at this time. This has continued to evolve and expand. The work I do with clients is clearer and more powerful. My vision is farther reaching and channels have cleared and opened. Much more is available to me that I only imagined.

To anyone who feels the pull and wants to step more fully into their multidimensional self go for it. And… A'sha is just plain a lot of fun! 


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