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Welcome Home to a Higher Harmonic

You are warmly invited...

Hey there, luminous being! I’m A’sha Love, founder of Multidimensional U, and I’m thrilled to invite you to the Higher Love Family.


This is your sanctuary, your home base for claiming a higher harmonic of beingness, healing deeply, and spreading love across the planet.

Welcome to a safe, loving community where we embody higher consciousness, uplift one other, and make a positive difference in our lives, families, and world!


I'm excited to bring my considerable expertise as a metaphysician, multidimensional field agent, and mother to help more people remember their birthright really is love, not fear.


I hope you'll join me and your incredible peers around the planet who are dedicated to the alchemy of Higher Love...


 A'sha Love

(Yes, that's really my last name!)


Step into a space where you’re enveloped in love so elevated (and warm and fuzzy) it feels like a cosmic hug from the universe. Higher Love Family is the place to remember that love is the foundation of all and the gateway to aligning with your soul’s true purpose.

Dive into this nurturing environment designed for multidimensional explorers. Connect with your greater self, guides, and the healing power of love through experiences that’ll have you ditching divine discontent faster than you can say “namaste.”

Find your sanctuary in our safe haven that offers support, understanding, and compassion. It’s like a spa day for your soul! Reveal and heal your inner child, break free from repeating patterns, revitalize your body, and boost that self-love to new heights.


Become part of a radiant community dedicated to raising the collective vibe. Connect with like-minded souls, share your gifts, support each other, and co-create a future so bright, you’ll need shades.

Higher Love Family fosters unity and oneness, encouraging you to see beyond the illusion of separation and recognize the Divine within yourself and others. Greater clarity and calmness are just the cherries on top.

Live your most authentic life and express your true self without fear of judgment. Higher Love Family celebrates the uniqueness of each soul and the diverse ways you contribute to the collective mission, helping you shift your consciousness upward—no astronaut suit required.

Join a sacred gathering of souls united by their commitment to love, healing, and spiritual evolution. Be part of a powerful presence for positive change within yourself and in the world at large. This isn't your typical membership program. It's a multidimensional container created to expand Love across the Multiverse!

What is The Higher Love Family?



Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Enroll:

mobile digital higher love.png

> Private online community platform for members with an app for mobile and PC access (hosted on Mighty Networks)

> Weekly live webinars hosted by me the first three weeks of every month (replays included):


  • Week 1: Monthly Guided Meditation & Activation, featuring multidimensional upgrades to upshift your human experience


  • Week 2: Monthly Afterglow & Integration + Q & A: gather to share the impact of that month's activation and receive more insight, love and support


  • Week 3: Monthly Global Meditation for Earth & Humanity: we'll put our integrated new activation into service via group meditation


  • Week 4: (small group membership only): Monthly Small Group Gathering for more individual support and coaching


> Some phases of life require a little more support! Small group coaching, private session, and private day membership upgrades available.


> Access to webinar recordings and archives for current members.


> Cancel your basic monthly membership at any time (excluding small group and private session tiers). No refunds.




A heartfelt invitation into higher love...


What people are saying...

Working with A'sha brought me to a higher level of frequency. I learned to trust messages from my guides, to be still and go within and, most importantly, rather than running from my soul purpose here on earth, to run toward it! 

Lori, Retired

I asked the Universe to show me the path of my soul purpose, and I promised to listen. The Universe sent me A'sha. You may have heard the terms mindfulness, higher consciousness, surrender, and synchronicity thrown around in western culture these days. It’s one thing to read a book or hear a talk. It’s quite another to live it.  I no longer believe in coincidence and instead flow with synchronous events that verge on magic.

Betsie, Artist

I've learned more about myself, my purpose, my desires in the past nine months than all of my previous years in this life.   I have learned to look inward, I've identified my power and my voice and now understand and see with great clarity where I have given away my power and silenced my true voice.

Jeff, Engineer

Enrollment Options

I've wanted to create an experiential metaphysical program accessible to more people for years. This is a dream come true! There are several tiers that offer more or less individual support. There is something for everyone!


Welcome to the  Higher Love Family!


Monthly Membership

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What's Included

Week 1 Live Webinar: Multidimensional Meditation. Experience powerful activations that clear energetic blockages to align you with your highest timeline and most loving expression.

Week 2 Live Webinar: Afterglow & Integration / Q + A. Join me for supportive sessions to integrate these energies, fostering deeper healing and understanding.

Week 3 Live Webinar: Global Meditation. Unite with our community to pour some love into the Earth, amplifying our collective impact.


Access to replays for current members available in the Mighty Networks app.

Small Gathering
Package Add On

3 month
minimum commitment


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 Small Gathering Package

In addition to the three monthly live webinars (and access to replays), you'll enjoy a monthly live coaching meeting with me and a small group of peers around the planet in a Zoom meeting.


This is a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into the inner work with profound, loving support. It's also an amazing chance to build community in safe space.


The monthly meeting will last between 2-3 hours and take place on the 4th Thursday at 12pm New York / 5pm London.To ensure a quality experience for everyone, this group is limited in size.


Look for 3 emails upon purchase, two of which will come directly from Mighty Networks. Check spam if you don't see them. Questions? Email:

Private Session Package Add On

12 month commitment
Limited to 12 people


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 Private Session Package

In addition to the three monthly live webinars (and access to replays) and a monthly live coaching meeting, you'll enjoy a monthly 1-hour private session with me.


Receive one-on-one support and tailored coaching to accelerate your growth and healing. The link to download your session recording will be emailed to you within 24 - 48 hours after each session.


Once you pay in full or begin your payment plan, ook for 3 emails upon purchase, two of which will come directly from Mighty Networks. Check spam if you don't see them. My team will then reach out to begin scheduling your private sessions.


Questions? Email:


Private Retreat Package Add On

12 Month Commitment
Limited to 5 people


Click Here to Save $3,300 Now when you Pay In Full!

Private Retreat Package

In addition to each month's three live webinars, the small gathering, and your monthly 1-hour private session... come spend two days with me in person. This will be a deeply transformative and personalized experience!


We'll schedule the day when it fits with both of our schedules after the 5th month of enrollment. This ensures you have time to prepare for the work we will do in person (in very high frequencies!).


Once you pay in full or begin your payment plan, ook for 3 emails upon purchase, two of which will come directly from Mighty Networks. Check spam if you don't see them. My team will then reach out to begin scheduling your private sessions.


Questions? Email:

Anchor 1

1. I won't be able to make the live webinars. Will replays be available (and are they as effective)? Absolutely! The replays will be available in the Mighty Networks app (or website, if you use a personal computer or laptop) within 24 - 48 hours after each weekly event. The replay is just as effective and you can always email in a follow up question for the afterglow and integration webinars if you can't make it live!


2. What day are the webinars going to take place? Thursdays at 12pm New York / 5pm London. You can check your time zone here. The program kicks off on Thursday, July 4th, 2024!


3. Will my camera be on for the webinars? The webinars will feature only A'sha on camera. You will have the chance to interact via chat during each event. If you upgraded to the small gathering coaching package, the live meetings do require you to join using your camera.


4. When does enrollment end? Enrollment will be open until July 3rd.


5. Can my whole family use this membership program? I'd love to include my spouse and kids. You bet! The more people in your immediate household that participate, the better!


6. What if I want to cancel my membership? The basic membership can be cancelled any time. There is no minimum commitment. The membership tiers that include small gathering and private support from A'sha do require a minimum commitment (see details under enrollment options).


Have questions not answered here? Email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

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