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How to Move Through the World As Your Authentic Self 😍

In this week's message, I share why it's so important to maintain the sovereignty of your bio-energy field. Beyond feeling so much better, you will create a world within a world.

"Sovereignty is the freedom to move through the world as your authentic self all of the time."

We're not going to change the world by ranting about what is going on "out there". We can only create real change by cleaning up our own plasmic field of consciousness, which substantially shifts what we broadcast via our mental and emotional bodies. So if you feel drawn to angry commentary, it's time to look deep within, at the anger you haven't yet processed. What traumas (this life and past) are creating discordant energy in your field?

It's more important than ever to keep a handle on what is circulating in your field. It's easy to distract yourself from your own healing work by focusing on external events. If those around you aren't staying grounded or centered in their own sovereignty, show them it's possible through your example. Get outside. Clear your chakras. Breathe. Expand your field and let it dance like a vast quilt of northern lights. You will be oh-so amazed at the magic it then creates! Listen to the weekly vlog here.

In Unity

Aja Love


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