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The Authentic Self Doesn’t Need A Certificate 🌈

People find their way to The Emergence Experience by the prompting of their own inner guidance, in order to uncover their truest self.

You know, the one hidden under layers of education and degrees, roles and social constructs, and other people’s modalities?

That’s why I won’t ever offer certification.

I’m not here to impose my truth on you. I’m here to help you deconstruct all of the boxes you’ve been living in that aren’t aligned with your truth.

You have untapped wisdom and amazing abilities within you.You are an incredible multidimensional being with lifetimes of experience and forms – a truly unique set of frequencies and creational templates!

You don’t need to learn anything new in order to be more qualified to be YOU.

In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret the field just showed me – all those other people’s modalities are a way for you to hide behind someone else.

I’m not saying they’re wrong. I’m inviting you to see how you might be giving your power away to someone else you put on a pedestal.

You know, I get it. In my own attempt to feel worthy and loved, I pursued degrees and roles I thought would give me credibility and status.

But when my metaphysical awakening came knocking, I had to unlearn a lot of what I thought I knew and unwind much of who I was trying to be.

While painful at times – and super beautiful and magical at other times – this process has given me the freedom to be my own brilliant self.

I want that for you, too!

We all can all unravel these old patterns, from across our entire being, at this special time on Earth. We have an opportunity right now to make the return Home to ourselves as Source.

What does that mean for you? It means you can make a different choice now.

You can choose to reclaim a less fragmented version of yourself. You can heal dysfunctional behaviors you’ve carried through lifetimes and across multiple dimensions – especially those wound up in distorted ideas of what "success" looks like.

I feel truly privileged to assist each of my clients unfold their unique divine templates. I follow the lead of your soul – it knows where you’re still stuck and how best to release limiting patterns. It also knows how to activate your unique divine design in order to override negative programming.

Emergence isn’t really a course or program – although you do get lots of helpful modules and materials to support you – as much as it is an activator of the powerful portal you already are to your most Authentic Self and higher vibrational coordinates!

I hold and support you every step of the unfolding path, as you build a new foundation of self-love and confidence in your multidimensional truth, emerging like a butterfly into a new embodiment.

While working with people from all over the world during the last seven years, I've learned this – we all want the same thing – to live with less limitation and more freedom to be who we came to Earth to be at this amazing moment in space and time.

Take my hand -- let's do this, together!

If you’ve been feeling prompted to journey with me and a small group of like-minded folk this year, be sure and do so soon. The deadline to apply to the Activation Track is February 16th. Learn more and apply here.

In Unity 🌐

A’sha Love

✨ If you’ve worked with me in the past and want to return, email us at to learn more about your options.

✨ If you’re new to the awakening journey, I invite you to consider my 6-month Awakening Foundations program.


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