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Reclaim the Higher Ground of Higher Love 💗

As the world's power structures continue to play in polarity drama and conflict, I invite you to consider a third way.

This path leads inward, to reclaim higher ground. It transcends us/them conflict and restores unity to the heart of the human experience.

But how, exactly?

As we tune in to our shadow and neglected inner child with the loving compassion and non-judgment of Higher Love, we discover the origin for much of the world's destructive conflict (from snarky judgments to full-blown war): our wounded motivation.

With the balm of the love our own Greater Self, we can heal what has been at play through our ancestral lineage for a very long time.

This is not a trite exercise. It is powerful alchemy that invokes the power of the multidimensional self to displace longstanding constructs based in fear. It is an  opportunity to recreate our lives, with love as the foundation.

As we surf the waves of accelerated ascension, it's an amazing time to give ourselves permission to release our tether to the old ways.

How good can life get? How much joy, happiness, harmony, love and prosperity is now possible for you, Bright Light?

If you gave yourself permission to move into your receptive power, how much beauty and love could you allow into your life?

When you reclaim this higher ground, you will begin to resonate with a higher dimensional version of Earth and find yourself in new company, with beautiful new relationships and soul-aligned work!

As more of us make the inner vertical relocation to these higher vibrational coordinates, we will be able to build new, "cleaner" community. These communities feature like-hearted soul family who've remembered that love is who they've always been. 

We are self-aware stewards of a beautiful new lifestyle that features loving self-accountability in the face of normalized, wounded ways of projection, defending, deflecting, and criticizing. By loving these shadow parts, we bring them "home" into the higher harmonic of higher ground.

This all gets much easier when we shift from a strictly mental approach to a multidimensional, integrated one. Our Higher Self is a powerful conglomerate of various structures of Living Creation, and is able to reshape our reality here in very profound ways! If you participated in the 8-part gifted Higher Love Alchemy series on my YouTube Channel in May, you know just what I mean.

So, how to get to this "higher ground"? Last week, I unveiled my new $33/month membership program, the Higher Love Family!

Why Should You Join the Family?

If you want to make the world a better place, beginning with yourself, this is a highly aligned space. If, like me, you're motivated to leave the world a better place than you inherited, this container offers one of the most comprehensive solutions. We are, quite literally, reality shifters and world-builders.

Each month, I will be offering three live webinars that will bring through real-time activations intended to help you sync up with the upshift in ascension currently taking place and unfold reality from within your own multidimensional structure.

As you've likely surmised, this is advanced consciousness-based technology and you get to be on the beyond-leading-edge of restoring unity consciousness to the human race! If any part of you lit up reading this message today, that's your sign this is aligned for you.

Learn More & Join Us!

Enrollment is open now through July 3rd and we kick off with our first live webinar activation on July 4th (how perfect is that?)!

Learn all about it here =>

In Unity 🌐

A'sha Love


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