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Love Is Our Birthright, Not Fear 💗 Part 2 (Positive Disclosure Series)

Here is the next interview in my positive disclosure series, which I created to share my recent experiences and revelations not included in my book, which left off in 2018, right before the Arc of the Covenant trip to the southwest of France. "The third way of transforming reality from within using our field of love is the most powerful answer... We can find our way Home from within... we don't need anyone to save us". This part of the interview points the viewer in the direction of the historical record that has been lost to humanity (look for links in the video description on YouTube). So much of my own work is reflected therein. It felt like a relief to find it, as it contains the theoretical constructs of creation physics that aren't in wide circulation on the planet at this time. As with any information, please use your own discernment. That's why I first offered my recent free meditation event Be Your Own Guru -- to help you re-align with your Source Self and clear distortion. You can watch the replay here (just be sure not to drive while doing so). Thanks for being willing to step out of the polarity dramas that are driving so many people right now into fear/anger, us/them, victim/rescuer consciousness traps. They are a major distraction from the way Home. Let's reclaim love as our birthright and call game over! In Unity 🌐 A'sha Love P.S. The February 16th deadline to apply for the Activation Track of The Emergence Experience is just a few days away. Learn more and submit your application here. You can purchase Awakening Foundations here any time. Already completed Activation and interested in journeying further with me in the Expansion Track? Reply to this email or contact us for more information: Not interested in a program, but appreciate my work and want to make a donation? Click here. Thank YOU!!


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