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Quantum Results Don't Come from Efforting {from the archives}

I've been channeling a lot of profound wisdom during the private sessions of The Emergence Experience this week, much of which is centered around how to move into greater efficiency of creation. You see, we've been in overdrive as a civilization for so long, driven by fear and scarcity consciousness, that we've never truly allowed ourselves to try it a different way. Now, many of us coded to show a different way have come to the end of our grace periods for all of the hustle and bustle. What a relief!

"Quantum results do not come from efforting, striving, and doing in the hyper masculine. They come from surrendering, allowing, and taking efficient action. So that means you’re relaxed most of the time. It’s not a tense state . Relaxed efficiency of action."

This week, let's revisit a Daily Meds I recorded a couple of years ago in which I share an insight I received about what it means to be balanced between the masculine and feminine. This is an important evolution in the way we show up as human, one that is just so much easier. Aren't you tired of overworking? The good news is that you don't have to!

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