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We Are Powerful Beyond Measure, But Not In the Way You Think

"Our power does not come from the mind... The source of our true power comes from the heart portal".

The human collective has entered a period of rapid awakening. For most people, the awakening journey is triggered by a crisis of some kind, a disruption to the status quo. Our higher selves put the squeeze on until we become so uncomfortable we finally surrender into a shift of perspective and identity. We open to more of our Multidimensional Self. This is what is currently happening worldwide. As humanity exhausts the limited power of the mind, they are beginning to look more deeply into themselves for answers. They are priming themselves to go beyond the mental processor, into the heart. When we access our true power by opening and unblocking our heart portal, we are capable of what we were raised to think of as miracles, especially when we work together. I talk about one recent example of this work in this week's video, which you can view by clicking on the image below.

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