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How We Collectively Create New Earth

The fundamental contract that we agreed to as Wayshower StarSeeds is to invert the distortions and negative programs (fear-based everything) in our field. Fear is not a natural state of being. If you watch animals, they're not in a constant state of fear. They're alert and discerning, but they're not fearful in the way that much of humanity is. I look back on the distortions that used to run my life compared to now. They have greatly diminished because of a lot of effort on my part and the remembering of innate higher dimensional wisdom... through the galactivations I've experienced. We are able to invert distortion through the pursuit of joy. Joy is a higher frequency; it's a set of vibrational coordinates. When we bring ourselves into a higher frequency, we transcend so much fear programming, and put ourselves in a completely different earth or version of reality. When we do that, we collectively create a new normal. That is the general trend of what all Wayshowers are doing here... creating Heaven on Earth. Lately, what we've all been doing is refining this process, often called shadow work, by releasing more of who we are not and unfolding more of who we are. We've been creating a lot of trigger events to surface old wounds, remnants of shadow, distortions – and because we are multidimensional, we are working across multiple planes. Our greater selves, our multidimensional selves are re-engineering reality. We are evolving this avatar past old constraints and constructs. The way that we invert and change everything that is so distorted in this realm is by bringing in higher dimensional wisdom. The vision for Multidimensional U® that was downloaded to me in 2016 was about bringing higher dimensional understanding into the collective at this time. Listen to this week's entire vlog below. The Arcturians have a special message for us at the very end :)

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