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This Is What Real-Time Galactivation Looks Like

“Be your Authentic Self. Don’t hold back. Now is the time you came for. There are so many of us stepping into our authentic identity like never before. You’re not alone. Go for it, hybrid. And get over it. You have work to do, which is going to feel like play, so enjoy!”

The message for this weekly vlog is something I’m in the middle of right now, which is integrating another huge activation and becoming even more of my Authentic Self. Last week’s message had to do with asking yourself “How good can you stand it?”. That includes coming out of the spiritual closet, speaking your truth, and stepping into your Wayshowing leadership, despite all of your fears of judgment, ridicule, failure. I think one of the biggest concerns for all of us in the beginning of our awakening journeys is “Oh, my God. What if none of this is real and I’m just wrong and kind of a crazy?”

I’ve just been through massive, paradigm and planetary-shifting work in client sessions and then a massive shift for me personally. We are now going through a process of expansion and integration of our greater selves and these bigger identities we have as hybrids.

That’s what we are, hybrids. We have other DNA. That’s why we have more awareness, abilities, this innate coding. I completely forgot that I had recorded a video called “Hybrid, Say What?” back in January. What happened over the span of the last two days is that I was guided to a book that talks about hybrids. Then somebody just this morning commented on this old video, the hybrid video that I had forgotten I’d made.

I think our identities can only shift so much and only integrate so much at one time. I’m actually impressed I can even speak right now, to be honest. On the drive up from the hot springs where we’ve been stationed and have been doing a lot of work in this valley, I could barely speak.

I’ve done so much channeling work. I’ve done so much astral journey work. Yet when it has to do with my own individual personality and identity shifting, it comes with a wallop to my energy field. I just want to honor that because I’m right in the middle of it. I’m going to sleep probably really well tonight.

The main message this week is this - it’s what I’m role modeling. I am not holding back. I used to never want to talk about this level of detail in videos or even in Facebook posts. It just felt like it was too extreme. Now I realize it’s time to bring it. It’s time to stop holding back, stop being apologetic for being, from a third-dimensional perspective, a little weird.

To finish up my pep talk, be your Authentic Self. Don’t hold back. Now is the time you came for. There are so many of us stepping into our authentic identity like never before. You’re not alone. Go for it, hybrid. And get over it. You have work to do, which is going to feel like play, so enjoy!

As for the New Earth update; there is so much. I will say that the restoration work continues here. Last night I connected the Glacier Portal, which happens to be in this watershed – big surprise – to a very large mountain portal here. We’ve really begun to bring the frequency up. If you remember from last week, we already shifted this area. This is a new anchor point on the planet.

Many of you are now in a dematerialization or deconstruction journey. One of my clients was led into full acceptance of the dissolution of her current business and surrendering completely. I was told to get out of the way and let Yeshua and Mary Magdalene guide her through this process because that’s the level of support she needed. It was exquisite to watch them hold space for her, to come to terms with that in 90 minutes.

What I want to share from that experience is this incredible piece of guidance. To paraphrase, “there’s nothing you can tell your lower self that about the huge shift in realigning to your Soul Purpose that will make sense to it, that will make it feel better. What it has to do is agree to lose. That’s the paradigm it’s stuck in. It has to agree to lose, to “fail”, in order for something much greater to come through.” That’s one really powerful nugget out of that work that I wanted to share with you because I know many of you have gone through or are going through (or about to go through!) something very similar. I went through that in 2011/2012. It was brutal.

I had no context for it. I felt like a total failure. It was only when I was literally on my knees, and said out loud “I give up”, that finally everything I’m doing now with Multidimensional U began to make its way into my conscious awareness.

Listen in to this week’s video to hear me talk about “extreme missions”...

I want you to just take everything I said this week to heart and know that you’re not alone. Your authentic sharing of your journey and being willing to be seen is a huge piece of your contract.

You’re not supposed to wait until it all feels tidy and clean. Kind of like me, I didn’t wait until I felt like I integrated this latest huge up-leveling I just went through. Here I am. I’m right in the middle of it. This is what it looks like.

Keep breathing and have a very magical multidimensional day!

With LOVE, Aja

Founder Multidimensional U®



Do you crave a commUNITY of like-minded Wayshowers that is warm,

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"When I think of Aja, I am reminded of the proverb "When the student is ready, the master will appear." I feel profound gratitude for the exceptional guidance that she has offered on my journey. Finding her was like stumbling on an oasis in the desert, satisfying an unquenchable thirst for connection and support, at precisely the right moment. Her teachings about metaphysics, multidimensionality, and energetic alignment have been of tremendous value during my awakening journey, allowing me to understand and normalize what was happening during times of deep shadow work, growth, integration and ascension. It has been exciting to discover new perspectives and to gain increased clarity as to the path forward. I have no doubt that she has and will continue to deeply impact the lives of many Wayshowers, leading the way at the cutting-edge of the New Earth build-out. I will definitely be along for the ride!" -Lisane

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