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I Can’t Teach You What Your Soul Already Knows

“We wish to give you all permission in this moment to believe in the truth of what you have already been shown and what you already know. Do you see, it is you who have been denying your own truth.” - The Arcturians

You are an amazing divine being with incredible intrinsic value. You have powerful innate abilities and knowledge that is waiting to be unlocked.

So I can’t teach you what you already know. I can only help you unburden yourself from everything you’re not.

This is why the idea of creating a certification program has never sat well with me.

It is not my place to bestow anything upon you. Rather, it is my privilege to help you remember who you are and what you’re here on Earth to do. Listen in to this week’s message here:

If you’d like help figuring out “what you already know” as the Arcturians say, it’s not too late to register for my Be Your Own Guru masterclass on January 7th or January 8th. I will be demonstrating some of the powerful ways in which I channel my own Higher Guidance.

Learn more and register below. With so much LOVE,


Innergalactic Shaman

Founder, Multidimensional U ®



P.S. As we begin the new year, I’m thrilled to present some of the most transformative knowledge I've channeled. Join me for an hour-long Masterclass "Be Your Own Guru". By the end of our time together, you will learn:

What has been holding you back from having greater clarity,

Four solid strategies to channel your higher guidance,

What you must do in order to step into your Soul Purpose work.

I hope you can join us! Register here.

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