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Manifest Your Highest Desired Timeline

Most of us are still in a purification phase on this journey of ascension, of releasing wounded states of separation and limitation. We are being invited, through events designed and orchestrated by our Higher Selves, to get very clear on what shadow aspects of ourselves are still holding us in limiting patterns of expression.

“O seeker, these thoughts have such power over you. From nothing, you became sad. From nothing, you became happy.

You are burning in the flames But I will not let you out Until you are fully baked, fully wise And fully yourself. -Rumi

During this time, I invite you to adopt the mantra I’ve been using daily, “Please show me my shadow. I AM ready to see and integrate my shadow and all the fears that are holding me back. I AM ready to step into true Self Sovereignty and Self Mastery”.

Most people are loathe to face their shadow. These unintegrated aspects of self scare them, so they stay in the blame game, projecting their shadow onto others. What they don’t recognize is that true and lasting freedom can only be claimed from the inside through “shadow work”.

It’s a wonderful time to get really honest about what we’ve been trying to hide from the world and, most especially, ourselves. As Archangel Michael recently shared with one of my Emergence participants, “you cannot outpace the shadow”. This is essential as we seek to create the life we desire. Reaching for a different future will ALLways bring up the fears that have kept us in the version of reality we still find ourselves in. These fears pull us out of alignment from our Higher Self, from Source, and from our Highest Desired Timeline. Remember, the world is never “out there”. Rather, the world we’re experiencing is being lived as a projection from within. This is a wonderful paradigm shift! It means that we can re-fashion reality to align with our desires for a better experience. This is what it means to be a Master of the Matrix! But, first, we must master ourselves. Consider how much time you spend on fearing what may come, from chronic anxious over-analysis to knee-jerk reactions that didn’t feature any conscious thought. It is over these thoughts and emotions that we must regain mastery. In a recent channeled session with a client, we were shown that she already embodies the timelines she’d rather not experience. They already exist and have come to pass. No need to be in such strong resistance to them. Much like our shadow and fear, these undesired timelines are best accepted as part of ALL that we are, rather than pushed away like unwanted step children. In fact, the more we try to push what we don’t want away, the stronger those forces get. So, let’s stop using our life force to resist what we don’t want. Rather, let’s open ourselves up to ALL that we are, and like flowers open to the sun, focus on the expression of our highest desired timeline. That already exists, too, so a simple realignment and refocus is all that is needed. Let’s stay out of the tar pit of unrealized scenarios that frighten us. I-MAGI-nation is our ally, if focused consciously. Do whatever it takes to bring yourself back into alignment. Give yourself that permission. No one else can. What timeline are YOU ready to hold your steady focus on? I invite you to share it with me! Once shared, its power will grow and you will find it easier to stay in alignment. With LOVE, Aja Innergalactic Shaman & Founder Multidimensional U ®



Each year, I work with a small group of individuals committed to a deep dive of awakening to their True Self and Greater I AM Identity.

If what you've been doing no longer feels in alignment and you’re feeling the pull to invest in getting clear on what you’re meant to be doing in service to humanity, I invite you to apply to The Emergence Experience. Limited space. By application only.

Once you submit your application, our Director of Client Relations, Dr. Nadia Brown, will schedule an interview with you to ensure a good fit. Thank you for your interest! xoxo Aja



This a clarion call to all of you who are ready to co-create a New Earth, who are ready to help heal the deep wounds of humanity, who are committed to acting from a place of empowerment, and who are especially ready to heal themselves so as to more powerfully serve humanity during the Shift of the Ages.

Join us every Friday here: “Meditations for Earth & Humanity”.

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