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Transcending the Overstory

In 2001, I left the San Francisco Bay Area and a marketing job (with sweet perks) in the adventure travel industry to follow a calling towards greater service. By the fall of that year, I found myself deep in the northern hardwood forests of the American mid-west. As a Masters International Forestry candidate, I had signed up for a year of forestry "boot camp" before embarking on a Peace Corps mission in Africa.

We spent a lot of time learning basic forestry skills and concepts in the field. One thing every forestry student learns is that when a shade-suppressed maple sapling gains access to more light, tremendous growth occurs. The symbolism touched me deeply.

As we pursue our dreams and our vision of a kinder, more loving planet, we must all encounter the ways in which we are suppressed by the shade of an oppressive, dominant overstory. Finding ways through this heavy overlay, in search of access to greater light and love becomes the intense focus of our spiritual awakening journey.

What stories and limiting beliefs continue to impede your growth? What choices are you making that feel oppressive to you? How have you resigned yourself to living in the shadows?

There is much in the collective unconscious of humanity that continues to impede our growth into the next evolution of consciousness. Fortunately, much of this negative programming is shifting. More people are waking up, accepting their right and responsibility to co-create, and stepping into their mastery.

And for those of us who are relatively much more "awake", we are being called into ever greater service, ever greater expansion. We must continually examine our pre-conceived notions and expectations, open ourselves (heart and mind) to a greater I AM identity that may astound (and often initially confound) us! We must be willing to see our own shadow, strip down our ego yet again, and surrender into what our divine essence commands.

The world is in an incredible dynamic flux, in which every shift toward greater self-love and self-acceptance is registered and contributes toward this accelerated evolution in consciousness. can you love and accept yourself more today? What inspired action are you going to take? What resistance are you ready to release?

Your individual actions do not go unnoticed. We are ONE vast collective that transcends this planetary system. There is so much more to who you are, that comprises your I AM identity, that seeks greater expression. Are you going to let it through to the light, up through the overstory of the collective consciousness?

Archangel Michael, "Remove yourself from the sphere of influence of the control grid by taking walks in the natural environment which has not yet been compromised. As you do this, you will begin to realize the extent to which you have been manipulated and it will become much easier when you re-engage to do so in a way that has energetic boundaries in place, with a new level of awareness about what sort of distortions are attempting to hook you back in. In your popular vernacular this would simply be stepping outside 'the dome'."

Aja (pronounced Asia) is an Intergalactic Shaman and Multidimensional Channel. She specializes in helping people liberate themselves from the trappings of programmed reality and to "galactivate" incredible innate potentials that positively transform the way they experience and contribute to the New Earth. She regularly channels the Ascended Masters, Archangels, spiritually-advanced civilizations from across the Multiverse, and her own diverse tribe of Multidimensional Aspects (Arcturian, Andromedan, Lyran, Mantid, and more).

Would you like to book a private session with Aja? Learn more here:

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