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Move Out of Frustration Into Inspiration

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

-Albert Einstein"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." -Albert Einstein

I know very well what it's like to feel frustrated by the state of the planet. To feel like an outlier who wants to "go home" already, back to a place of greater enlightenment. Who doesn't understand why and how people can behave in such dysfunctional and destructive ways. To feel like you're banging your head against a wall when you have a vision that others don't seem to "get". These feelings are normal for the Wayshower who has not yet reawakened to their Greater I AM identity.

Welcome home. Life is about to get much easier and certainly more magical.

You are being called to a higher octave of perspective. You are hereby granted permission to stop trying to "fit in". You aren't here to participate in the already-outdated version of consensus-based reality. You're here to reprogram it, from the inside.

But first, you must unblock and reawaken to the nature of multidimensional reality. Allow me to validate for you something that will resonate deeply. You're not from here. You're not just this individual ego identity human form. It is simply an avatar for a much greater consciousness that you are.

Relieved? Haha! So was I when I first began to understand why I felt so different. We are the Starseeds, the Galactic Travelers, the Masters who have descended into human form in order to be of powerful assistance to the human collective at this time.

We took on all sorts of ancestral and cultural density and distortion, agreed to forget who we truly are, until…. well, until it was time. For some of us, this meant waiting decades to unravel the mystery of who we are.

In order to be of greatest service, we constructed an identity based in the dictates of this holographic reality. But now, it's time to release and strip away all that does not serve us in order to help and heal the human collective, which is ready to ascend back into unity consciousness.

"Let it be known that you are in a time of great shift. You are being called to make meaningful changes in the way that you perceive and experience reality. You, who are being called, must respond accordingly.

As you awaken to the holographic nature of your reality, you will awaken incredible creator aspects. You will reclaim your divine authority in service to the ALL. It is incumbent upon you to heed this clarion call". -Archangel Michael

Are you ready to step beyond limited perspectives that continue to frustrate you? Would you like to reconnect with past lives and off-planet multidimensional aspects in order to reactive incredible innate jedi-like abilities?

Then this is my heartfelt invitation to you: choose faith in your greater identity and trust you have tremendous support to transform your reality like never before!

Learn more about The Emergence Experience and how it can help you step into inspired metaphysical action here: Emergence Experience

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