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An Uncomfortable Pair of Pants

I remember, vividly, experiencing a persistent ache in my stomach at the end of each day when I was fifteen, owing to the tight jeans I insisted on wearing. “Why on Gaia’s green Earth did I do that?”, it’s easy to now wonder as I sit writing this at nearly forty in my yoga pants.
The simple, honest answer is that I wanted to fit in, even at my own expense. Ouch! This month’s article offers you another metaphor for moving away from the False Self. Consider for a moment which of your daily decisions and experiences are culturally-conditioned behaviors that feel like a tight pair of pants.
The answer isn’t always so obvious, because, unless you’ve done a fair amount of self development (spiritual expansion) work, you’ve grown so accustomed to those tight pants (think obligations, “I have to’s”, “I can’t’s”) that they aren’t even up for negotiation.
A good way to back into realizing that you’re engaging in choices that don’t honor your Higher Self is to feel into any given situation, relationship, or commitment. How does it feel? Free, expansive, exciting, joyful, and meaningful? Wonderful! Keep making that choice to engage. Or, maybe it leaves you just “ho-hum” and “meh”. Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your participation in this particular situation or relationship.
If you’re feeling downright pinched, pained, resentful, drained, suffocated, or angry, it’s time to begin the serious work of granting yourself permission to take a good, long look at what you’re choosing and why, for heaven’s sake! (pun intended), you are choosing that, when other options are available to you. Hint: it’s because you’ve forgotten there are other options available. Or, you might still be stubbornly insisting there aren’t other options. This is called arguing for your own self-limitations.
Your birthright is to feel joyful and happy about your life. Period. Don’t let anyone tell you anything to the contrary. Don’t give your power away.
We are still at a point in the Earth’s evolutionary process where role models for this birthright are few. This is still pioneering and rEvolutionary work, to consciously and intentionally live your life in a way that honors your Spirit, your True Self.
I trust that if you’re still reading this article, it’s because you want to live this way. So, let me share some of the most effective ways I’ve found to begin this new way of living:
  • Schedule time in your daily calendar for solitude (at least 30 minutes). That’s right, just you and your Spirit. No multi-tasking, no interruptions. Take time to journal about what excites you and what drains you. Take time to breathe and to be in your Heart… ask it each day what it would have you know. Write it down and then honor it by taking action. It can be little or big things (i.e. I want to take a nice relaxing bath today, I want to change my work).

  • Remove “I can’t” and “I don’t know” from your vocabulary. Find other ways to express yourself “I won’t”, “I don’t care to”, “I choose not to”.

  • When you confront an obstacle (assumption) based in lack or fear (“I can’t), keep an open-mind about the mysterious ways of the Universe and ask yourself “If time, money, and resources were no object, what would I choose?”. Write it down, then hold that vision in a 5-minute full-body blissful daydream for 30 days to come. Don’t spend any time on trying to work out the mechanics of how it might happen (that’s not your job).

  • Keep an open mind and an open Heart. Check in often to see if you’re mainly in your head space or your Heart space throughout the day. Breathe to open and expand the Heart chakra each time. TRUST that something powerful is opening (back) up in your life. Now, smile.

  • Be BRAVE. Let’s be honest. This lifestyle requires a lot of courage, especially in the beginning. It requires being a Spiritual Warrior. A peaceful warrior. The number one fear most of you must face in reclaiming your birthright is the fear of being alone. Most people still don’t live this way. What it means for you is that you will be releasing relationships, commitments, and obligations that no longer serve your Highest Good. But, if you remain True to yourSELF, you will gain new relationships, engagements, and experiences that align with your Spirit and feed your Soul!

For now, living in this way is still considered EXTRAordinary. You will need to stop thinking like a human. You must opt out of the consensus-based reality of scarcity consciousness. Think like your Spirit, gain a higher perspective, and know that ALL things are possible when you align with your Higher Self and what it knows.

KNOW this is the life you were meant to live and TRUST you are more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

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