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My own journey of reawakening to my Greater Multidimensional Self went into warp speed this year. While there are lots of fun details to this story, I’ll instead focus on the outcomes.

The result of this massive expansion of my awareness and identity is that I am able to hold space much more powerfully for those of you seeking wise counsel during this Great Shift of planetary ascension. I am able to stand in my power as a divine being for the highest good of the collective. I have reclaimed incredible quantum skills that serve as a ladder for those seeking greater clarity and connection to their own divine Source. And I am happy to bring through wise teachers from higher dimensions that wish to support you all.

In alignment with this beautiful awakening, this month’s blog article offers you a channeled message from Mary Magdalene. EveryONE, man and woman, even the planet herself, must invoke the divine feminine during this shift. We are a collective out of balance. It is time to invite back in the powerful attributes of the feminine aspect of divinity: love, nurture, vulnerability.

The question Mary Magdalene posed as a framework for her message is this: “What is the gift only you can give yourself?”. Here is her response:

“Hello, Dear Ones. It is I, Mary Magdalene. I invite you to join me on an exploratory walk in the celestial gardens. You may imagine any form of beautiful landscape that appeals to you, that helps your heart open just a little bit more when confronted with its beauty. Any landscape or setting that helps to jostle you out of your focus on what is not beautiful would be helpful.

It is always helpful to pay attention to your breath and move your focus to your heart. Create an inner landscape of a celestial garden or other landscape that speaks to you. You are a powerful creator and I wish to encourage you to cultivate this creativity in a way that serves your highest good. Because beauty has not been the mainstay on the earth for quite some time, you may think that creating and seeking beauty is something of a luxury. I’m here to tell you that it is, in fact, your divine prerogative to do so.

So, let us begin. The greatest gift that only you can give yourself is the co-creation of a reality that serves your highest good. What does this mean? This means simply, dear ones, that you are the giver of your own highest love. When you engage with and cultivate your own self-love via gifts of beauty, creations of joy, pursuits of happiness, then you truly have everything you have always and will ever need, which is the gift of your own divine, unconditional love.

You do not need me to tell you that you have spent much time seeking love external. I wish to encourage you to seek love eternal, from within. To the unawakened, this message may sound trite, naive even. I would invite you to feel into and beyond that response on your part, if that was indeed your response.

Take a moment to feel beyond the surface layer of reaction to what lies beneath it. Feel beneath that surface layer and you will feel a layer of jaded resentment, scorn. If you feel deeply beneath that layer then you will arrive at your wound. Usually this layer was created in childhood or your youth. There is a wound beneath that scorn, beneath the reaction that is quick to dismiss these words and this message.

As you uncover these layers, it is my sincere wish that you are able to shed them now and let them go so that they do not stand in the way of your own direct connection to your divine self which is this incredible unconditional love. When you remove all of these blocks to who you truly are, you will unwrap the gift of yourself.

I’m also delighted to share with you that, while that takes effort and commitment, concentration of course, now more than ever on your planet is the use of your intention to re-align yourself with your divine self, easy for you to do. There is a greater context of alignment that will allow you much greater ease in this exercise of self-love.

Unwrap the gift of yourself this year, unwrap the gift of your own self-love, allow it to blossom from deep within you. For, truly, it is coming from the one Prime Creator Source, emanating through you to all those around you and, of course, it can’t help but transform the collective.

As you move through this Winter Solstice and holiday season, I encourage each and every one of you not to look without for your joy and happiness, but first to look within. When you first look within to reconnect with your own unconditional love, you are much freer to engage in its expression in your physical environment in a way that is truly aligned with your divine self. It will then reflect back to you that same frequency of unconditional love. So rather than a bit of a hollow, empty feeling like most of you experience during the holidays, you will instead begin to feel a profound sense of inner peace and love, at a caliber that you may not have ever experienced in this incarnation.

It is I, Mary Magdalene, who is so grateful to be given this opportunity to share what has been hidden from your perspective in the hopes and indeed, the knowledge, that it will help you reawaken to the beautiful truth of who you are and what is available to you in each and every now moment.

With that I wish you blessings for a meaningful transition through this Winter Solstice back into the Light”.

To find out more about Adrienne and the work she does, please visit

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