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When I was 19, my grandfather passed away and I remember thinking very intently, “but where did he go?”. Somehow I knew that his BEINGness wasn’t completely eliminated, but I couldn’t get my head wrapped around any kind of answer that felt resonant.

Fast forward twenty years and I have much to offer my former self in terms of an explanation. I would tell her that, yes, the Soul that animated my grandfather’s body lived on, had returned “home”, to a fourth dimensional plane of existence. There, he reviewed his life with a set of evolved counselors and mentors and set about deciding what he would focus on next.

Most people on Earth return to this same dimensional level, often referred to as heaven. I’ve connected with many of them in my Spirit Medium work. Their existence continues, albeit in a different plane and in a different way. Some people volunteered to come here as spiritual teachers and guides, to help others. They also return to a higher dimensional plane of existence, but in a higher octave, if you will.

Death, simply stated, is a transformation, a transition. In fact, I don’t use the word death any longer. It doesn’t honor the truth of what your loved one has experienced and is a limited perspective. Yes, the death of their physical body feels final to us, but it isn’t the end of them, nor the end of our connection to them.

So many people who have transitioned back into the non-physical realms try to get their loved ones here in the third dimensional Earth plane to understand this. They are still alive, in many ways more alive than they felt here, albeit in a different form.

When you understand this, the suffering you experience related to their departure substantially lessens. You understand that your separation from them is temporary. They are continuing their journey and you, yours. Your paths will meet again.

Death is not final. It is not failure. It is, in reality, an illusion. If you can see past this illusion, via your third eye, your life will be so much richer, your grief will lift, and you will now be available for a new relationship, a different connection, with loved ones on “the other side”.

I recommend the following books by Roberta Grimes as excellent resources for those wanting more detailed information about the death process and connecting with loved ones who have already gone through it. So much of what the research she has summarized echoes my own experiences of the non-physical dimensions: “The Fun of Dying” (2015) and “The Fun of Staying in Touch” (2016). I also highly recommend “Flying High in Spirit: A Young Snowboarder’s Account of His Ride Through Heaven” (2015).

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