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What I Learned in the Void 🌀

An over-reliance on the structures you have created is what prevents further growth and evolution. Those structures are not what grants you safety and security, but the consciousness that created them.

If you already caught the second season premiere of my podcast, you know that I’ve decided to share some of my journey and more of the downloads I’ve received over the last couple of years. I consider them to be the wisdom teachings that humanity has been asking to remember during this time in order to evolve beyond repeating patterns of conflict and struggle. For those of you new around here, welcome! Multidimensional U® is a multimedia broadcasting company dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness. We are passionate about helping people self liberate from culturally programmed states of lack and limitation. Our intention has always been to create a safe, loving space in which we can all grow and evolve and remember our multidimensionality. Love is our birthright, not fear. I've been doing a lot of personal alchemy, letting go of the way that I used to be. Just when I thought it was the end of deconstruction, another wave came to reclaim more. I'm finally at a point in which I can say I am standing in my sovereignty at an entirely new level. Last year, my Greater Self created a situation in which I could release the way I used to do life and work. That doesn't mean that it was easy to choose not to do it the old way. Quite the contrary! If this was an ancient mystery school in Egypt, I would have been swimming through crocodiles. Like those initiates, I've had to remember that fear is just an illusion; the crocs were well fed and we all have so much support we agreed to forget about as part of this adventure. I will be the first to admit that while some of the time I enjoyed a deep calm, zero point knowing, other days (or even weeks) I had to deal with intense self-doubt, fear, and intimidating voices of “turn back now” and “danger, danger”. Good thing I have some experience with those negative programs! At every level of growth, I’ve had to face them. Paradoxically, the fastest way to the place we all want to go is to turn and be willing to face our deepest fears. This daily excavation is like an archaeological dig. It takes time, but a little each day uncovers amazing treasures! The past year has been both chrysalis and crucible, out of which I am emerging at yet another level of human embodiment. It can be very painful to recognize and release the distortional foundation of the life you built as a human on earth, but the soul growth is so worth it. That’s what we’re here for, after all. The next level of curriculum is not about mastering survival, but enjoying creation. I appreciate the setting my Greater Self selected for the exercise (and for a season of powerful multidimensional field work). I've allowed myself to be lovingly held in a cirque on the side of a big, beautiful mountain in North Carolina, with cascading waterfalls just out the back door. Each morning, I greet the sun as it crests in a diamond shape on the horizon, with scintillating rainbow colors exploding out of it. It's just exquisite! I am so grateful to meet the sun in this way. It's symbolic of rebirth; it's a new day. Anything is possible, starting afresh. Dawn provides a sweet spot of stillness. It's in these early morning hours that forgotten wisdom returns. I look forward to sharing more on my podcast with you and in my new book - coming later this year!

Allow yourself to remain in the void of the unknown; it is a powerful point of creation.

For everything we see here in manifest reality, there is a corollary, almost like a predecessor, in the void. If you want to change your reality, you might want to start in the unmanifest. Rather than working so hard on reshaping (or resisting) what you’ve already created, you can simply let those constructs go back into the void. This way, you won’t be using your energy to wrangle with your former creations. Instead, allow yourself to be in the unknown (the undefined).

This is a powerful process to embrace during the times we're in. Feeling safe and secure is an inside job. We can claim a higher order of self-claimed safety, sovereignty, security and comfort, but not in the way that we associate it with scarcity consciousness (my relationship, job, etc. makes me safe).

It's much more about comfort in knowing that you can trust yourself and your intuition to act in a way that will keep you not just safe, but thriving and emanating a completely different reality. It’s not about having a plan, but staying present with yourself.

If we use the metaphor of the garden, the void is like the dark rich soil to which we can return our former creation. As we plow over the soil of our own lives and let it rest, then we can plant different seeds for new growth. Now, here's the amazing thing. We don't actually have to get that to grow. We don't have to apply force. That's the beauty of living creation. It just naturally does it and it will come into manifest form in the right ideal conditions. Those conditions happen to be our own higher vibronic, based in trust, love, and joy.

The practice of self-development, self-awareness, becoming conscious, choosing joy and love over fear, and taking aligned action (no matter how scary) now have an urgent application. They are the ideal conditions in which these higher ideals of your being will come into manifest form, based on the activation of your own higher dimensional templates... in a time when this new reality, projected from within, will provide life-altering (maybe even life-saving) transport via transcendence.

Our souls care most about this kind of growth based on breaking old patterns and ruts of fear-based thinking. The only way to do that is to make different choices, based in expectant optimism about just how much better life can be. And for those of us already engaged in this alchemy, this time is about making even greater leaps of faith. It’s also about choosing to enjoy the new spaces you open up and live within as a result of those leaps!

If you can choose to trust yourself and make decisions aligned with your heart center (rather than your runaway negative mental chatter) you're going to be able to navigate these times with quite an advantage. As the old constructs degrade due to a lack of resonance with the shifting harmonic of our planet, it will be our consciously projected holographic reality fields that offer future generations a more stable, loving creation.

While these new levels of embodiment are magical, I will offer a disclaimer of sorts. The cost of your new life is the old life. This can and will be challenging, but change is coming for everyone. Speaking from personal experience, I'd rather ride the waves (despite the fear I might fall) than be taken out by them. I don't want to be the surfer who pretends they're not in an ocean of big waves. There should be no surprises to any of us who have been paying attention.

If you're waiting for a better life to come find you, it won't. You must have the courage, now more than ever, not to settle for what you think is possible, or reasonable. It's time to transcend the cultural programming of "good enough".

What does your heart yearn for that you have been denying it? As I travel the world, I always ask people, "If time, money and resources were no object, what would you do?". While most people will dip a toe into a response, they invariably cut themselves off with a comment about how they don't have enough (usually money or time) to make that possible. They snap back from their birthright of exploring unlimited possibility into culturally contracted states.

If they only knew; so much is shifting. Align yourself with these energetic waves and ride them Home to a kind of heaven on Earth of your own creation. This is a wonderful time to experience for yourself just how incredible the human design is! We're just beginning to use some of our most exciting built-in multidimensional features.

I’ll be out in front, scanning my inner horizon for my next step in this beautiful walk, for those of you interested in exploring further round the spiral toward Home. Look for more episodes of my “Beyond Conscious” podcast in the months ahead.

Did you catch the guest interview I did with my friend and animal communicator Shirley Hyatt? And if you haven’t enjoyed the Be Your Own Guru experience, I encourage you to check out this free meditation event now!

In Unity 🌐

A’sha Love


P.S. Each morning we have an opportunity to make a different choice about what we think and feel, based in more love and less fear. What will you choose today?

Photo: Nile River at Sohag, Egypt, taken from the Diamond Azur Hotel. December 2022.


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