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We Are Living In Real Time Disclosure 🛸

I've been waiting for this moment to arrive. As promised, I'm showing up for you as we navigate through the remarkable shifts now happening in our world. Last week marks a significant milestone in the public disclosure of covert and rogue military programs involving the reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technologies. This watershed moment is leaving journalists, politicians, and the public grappling with the ontological shock.

Welcome to my world! One of my soul agreements includes helping humanity navigate this multidimensional remembering. It can be overwhelming to face that much of what we believed to be true about the nature of reality was not even close to the whole truth; that much of what we've been taught to mock and scorn is, in fact, true.

Ugh. Talk about an ego check! Pay attention as humanity's psychic defenses go into full swing to deflect and deny this massive worldview shift. From my own life and working with hundreds of people, I know firsthand how cultural conditioning and peer pressure to fit in can lead us to deny and/or distort even our own direct experience of multidimensional reality.

In the midst of these revelations, I promise to share everything I know about the subject in an upcoming video (or two). The real bombshell isn't that there is alien life, or that some part of our civilization has been reverse engineering and monetizing it, but that much of these technologies could radically transform our civilization for the better. The almost total mainstream media blackout, or at least walk back, of this watershed moment is also noteworthy.

We have entered a time of collective shadow work. If we are to grow and evolve beyond endless war and suffering, we must be willing to face the denied, and often darker, parts of our civilization.

It is going to be tempting to choose outrage at the deception. After experiencing the anger of feeling betrayed, remember to then move yourself back to the zero point and choose to tune inward. This will serve you during what is sure to be increasing polarity dramas, which are only meant to distract you from the empowering work of elevating your consciousness.

Remember, we are all the One Source. We are incredible multidimensional beings who can engage with our own inner tech transfer from our more evolved aspects in other star systems. We can innovate amazing consciousness-assisted healing and communication technology, from within. While collective disclosure is important, don't forget your inner disclosure is what bypasses the gatekeepers reluctant to give up control and power.

Until I create some new videos detailing what I know, including from my own field work, I invite you to explore the content I have created over the last few months. It is through deep self-discovery and open-minded exploration that we can expand our understanding and navigate these transformative times with grace and wisdom.

I'm here for you, a few steps ahead, encouraging you to choose love not fear. We've got this 💗 Now, grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy diving into the content you may have missed this spring or revisit a video and hear more than you did the first time (as is often the case with higher dimensional downloads)...

A'sha Love's Vlog

🌈 "My Final Awakening to Source Self" - Join me on a deeply transformative journey of self-discovery as I share my profound experiences of awakening to my true essence. Watch the vlog here.

🌄 "Travelogue to Mt Mitchell Multidimensional Field Work" - Embark on a mesmerizing adventure with me as I explore the multidimensional realms during my fieldwork expedition to Mt Mitchell. Discover the hidden wonders of this sacred place in the vlog here.

🌎 "Embracing Unity in a Fragmented World" - Let's discuss the importance of unity in our fragmented world and explore practical tips on fostering a sense of togetherness and compassion. Watch the vlog here.

Beyond Conscious Podcast

You can watch the podcast video on my YouTube channel (links below) or enjoy the podcast audio only on iTunes or Spotify or iHeartRadio.

🌌 Beyond Conscious Podcast - Episode 1: "The Ultimate Reclamation of Yourself as Source" - In this thought-provoking episode, I delve into the profound journey of reclaiming your true essence as Source. Discover the power within you to reconnect with your divine nature. Listen to the podcast here: Episode 1: The Ultimate Reclamation of Yourself as Source

💙 Beyond Conscious Podcast - Episode 2: "You Don't Have A Path, You Are the Path" - Join me as we explore the concept of personal paths and realize that we are not merely on a path, but rather, we embody the path itself. Gain insights into the transformative nature of self-realization. Listen to the podcast here: Episode 2: You Don't Have A Path, You Are the Path

🎈Beyond Conscious Podcast - Episode 3: "Releasing Old Patterns" - Let's embark on a journey of releasing old patterns that no longer serve our highest good. I share practical techniques and wisdom to help you break free from limiting patterns and step into a more expansive version of yourself. Listen to the podcast here: Episode 3: Releasing Old Patterns

🐶 Beyond Conscious Guest Podcast Interview: I had the pleasure of interviewing the gifted animal communicator Shirley Hyatt, where we delved into the fascinating realm of multidimensional reality and explored the profound connections between humans and our animal friends. Listen to the captivating interview here: Shirley Hyatt Guest Podcast Interview

I hope this summary provides you with a wealth of inspiration and transformative opportunities. As always, I am here to support you on your journey to self-discovery and spiritual growth. If you'd like to work with me, I'll be rebooting some of my programs a little later this summer.

Thank you for being a part of this awakening community. Together, let's embrace unity and navigate these extraordinary times with love! In Unity 🌐 A'sha Love


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