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Projection (Long Way Home) versus Reflection (Short Way Home) ๐Ÿ’š

"Projection is an indirect way of engaging in personal transformation. It is important to be with the reflection of what you are now ready to face as part of your intended soul growth."

In this week's vlog, the wisdom that wants to be remembered is that reflection is the fastest path Home. Many of us feel like we're in the final lap of a very long relay race and we're ready to face what we need to in order to cross the finish line, but we can't do that while we're still projecting our shadow onto people and situations "out there".

If we feel triggered by something that makes us feel powerless, angry or fearful we have to circle back to where in our body we feel it. Then, with as much loving presence and neutrality as we can cultivate, to be willing to look at what arises there.

No one on the planet is exempt at this time from the deep purge brought on by rising frequencies. The best thing we can all do is turn to face the reflection of our projection and ride these intense energetic waves.

I've often joked with people in my Awakening program, "Surf's up! Grab your board and do your best to enjoy riding the waves". The ability to ride the wave train of our own emotions is being called up like never before.

So many people are feeling homesick and are ready to go home, but that's an inside job. No political figure or even a fleet of space craft can clear our emotions for us. If anything, the higher frequency fields of advanced galactic neighbors will only accelerate the purging process.

So, back to basics. Breathe. Feet on the Earth. Walk and swim in nature. Weep. Sing and dance. Sleep. Deepen your self love by treating yourself with more kindness. Speak gently about others. Reflect. Grieve. And then smile at the symphony of vibration we're all surfing and swimming through right now.

Appreciate these videos? You can "buy me a coffee" or make a donation. Thank you! In Unity ๐ŸŒ Aโ€™sha Love Founder Multidimensional Uยฎ P.S. The first meditation in my new series dropped on May 1st! Click here to learn more about this 3-part series designed to increase your light quotient. โœจ


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