Let's build some bridges 🌈 TAKE 2!

**Hello everyONE. Haha! So I asked the Arcturians last night for some deeper connection in the physical and they delivered. They changed out the new video I uploaded yesterday to their message from 2 weeks ago about clearing the collective cache. LOL! So good. The new video is linked below. Let's all revel in just what a beautiful point of contact this is 💗💗💗

"We can build photonic bridgework by holding a very high vibrational embodiment for those we care about to find their way via magnetic invitation (rather than dropping into lower coordinates and trying to reach people via the mental construct)."

In this week's vlog, I share the themes I'm seeing in my private channeled messages this month. It's time to stop accommodating (enabling) a reality based in lower vibrational constructs. This means we've got to be willing to allow our own evolution to continue.

In Unity 🌐 Aja Love P.S. Interested in working with me? Learn more about The Emergence Experience. This multi-track, experiential deep dive will increase your light quotient! ✨

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