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This is an invitation to embark on a very special journey. It's the return journey home, to your expansive greater self, which transcends this temporary identity and point on the time/space continuum. It's a magical inner adventure that leads you out of the contracted state of the culturally conditioned self and inherited states of being.

This invitation is for those of you who genuinely care about other people and the planet, who are ready to surrender to the next greater calling that keeps knocking at your door. This is for those of you seeking your greater purpose, or looking to evolve or upgrade how you fulfill that purpose.


My name is A'sha Love. I'm the founder of Multidimensional U®. I created The Emergence Experience in 2015 after receiving the inner guidance to do so. Since that time, I've worked with hundreds of people all over the planet.  Just like you, they wanted help moving into the next level of their human embodiment and stepping into more of their wayshowing and metaphysical healing work.


It's been my privilege to guide them into their own self actualization, providing a very high vibrational field that helps them dissolve persistent energy blocks and up-levels their contribution to creating a better world through personal transformation.


Learn more about this multi-year program below:


Year 1: The Awakening Track - 6 months

For beginners to the multidimensional journey.

Learn More & Purchase

Year 2: The Activation Track - 1 Year

For those of you who've already begun exploring.

Learn More & Apply

Year 3: The Expansion Track - 1 Year

Only available to those who've completed Activation.

Learn More & Apply

Year 4: The Emanation Track - 1 Year

Includes a private day with me.

Only available to those who've completed Expansion.

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