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Embracing the Arrival of Aurora Children 🚸

Welcome to this transformative multidimensional space where remarkable advancements in human evolution, ascension, healing, unity consciousness, and the manifestation of Heaven on Earth are taking place.

I am publicly re-embracing my "far outlier" identity and abilities to bring you some really amazing news and transmissions intended to help our corner of the Multiverse make some amazing evolutionary leaps into greater peace and harmony!

In this week's vlog, I am thrilled to channel a couple of different groups as we continue the "New Family Foundation" series. We are witnessing the arrival of extraordinary star children, beings of immense wisdom and evolved souls, hailing from a different universe with unique constellations and templates. These children are masterful beings with a different set of instructions (templates) intended to help us upgrade our system.

These special kiddos, technical masters, and light beings are making their way to our planet, bringing with them the potential for profound change. Many of you have already been preparing for their arrival, clearing ancestral lines, and doing the inner work to welcome these magnificent souls.

These incoming beings are master technicians and are adept at restoring and upgrading our collective consciousness. They bring tamper-proof template modifications, transcending grid work into addressing restoration of the architecture of living creation.

Our role is to provide these children with the freedom to be who they are, especially regarding their sensitivity. It is crucial to acknowledge and respect their realities. Many of us have undergone deep shadow work to become self-aware, ensuring we create environments where their truths are honored.

These children are the canaries in the coal mine for our civilization. If they are not thriving under our current conditions, it indicates a need for cultural and societal shifts. Rather than shaming them for their sensitivities, we must recognize that they highlight areas needing healing and transformation.

In this Healing Renaissance, your unique purpose is essential. Whether you are working with children, addressing ancestral healing, or any other niche, your contribution is vital. The more specialized you become, the more profound your impact will be.

Moreover, the love and acceptance you have cultivated for yourself will naturally extend to these incoming children. Whether they are your own, your grandchildren, or children in your community, they will benefit from the unconditional love you embody.

Some of you may feel called to relocate, both vibrationally and geographically, to support these children's specific planetary assignments. Trust your heart's guidance, even if it seems impractical. These children have unique roles connected to planetary grids and beyond, and your alignment with these energies is crucial.

The arrival of these children in your life will naturally trigger your own wounding. I invite you to reflect on any moments when your reality was rejected or denied. Place your hands over your heart and give yourself the love, validation, and acceptance you may have lacked. Embrace yourself fully, for in doing so, you pave the way for these children to thrive.

Thank you for being here, for your love, and for your dedication to creating a better world for the next generation. Together, we are weaving a tapestry of love, unity, and profound transformation.

I love you very much. Let's continue this journey of love and evolution together.

With infinite love and gratitude,


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