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Saint Germain Defines Soul Purpose

What Is Soul Purpose?

I’ve been channeling Saint Germain for several years now and I find he does an excellent job in explaining multidimensional concepts in ways that bring us into his higher dimensional perspective.

In preparation for my upcoming gifted online experience “Align to Your Soul Purpose”, I asked him to share with us his perspective on what is soul purpose and why is it important for us to align with it at this time.

Here is the transcript and the channeled video recording:

“Greetings. It is I, St. Germain. Soul purpose is not a thing, as such, rather it is a state of being. Your soul purpose is always with you, if you will, as a series of codes or a field of consciousness, a body of thought, a different way of existing.

Soul purpose is your internal code, your internal program, your innate program – that you came with to override many of the programs which have been in existence for a long time within this planetary sphere, but much more specifically within the sphere of the human psyche.

Most importantly, soul purpose, in the way that it interests all of you, is about activating this innate program that will change your relationship with yourself. That is the greatest system override that it carries with it.

Soul purpose is not so much about doing in the world, for we know that this program that you bring with you can express itself in many different forms and that is the beauty of your creative license. That is the beauty of you being feet on the ground, as the channel likes to say, “in the trenches,” in order to determine how best this program will meet the human collective in ways that are most appropriate for the particular vibrational coordinates that the human collective finds itself at, which is in dynamic flux at this time of rapid evolution and ascension.

This does not mean that humankind is striving to be anything that it is not, rather it is seeking to reveal what it has been all along. The reference to lost or concealed codes is a metaphor for what lies dormant and yet very innate, intrinsic to your own field.

Your soul purpose is your field of consciousness, your innate programs, activated, embodied and expressed in the world of form. As to why that is important at this time, in part we have already answered that question, haven’t we? It is because the human collective seeks to understand itself and its true potentials. It has called in this program change, this system override if you will, and so all of you have arrived with this innate coding to begin to activate and express it in the written word, in videos such as these, in the new energetic way of being and existing within the human body. That is ultimately every wayshower, as the channel likes to say, that is your purpose.

Embedded within each of your individual innate programs come certain, shall we say, niches. These niches of service directly correlate to your own soul’s keen interest in exploring; which could be healing, or activation of self-healing within the human collective at this time. For some of you, it is the alchemy and transmutation of lower dimensional constructs in the emotional body. For others, yet, it is the re-tooling, restructuring of transportation, energy and communication. For many of you who follow this channel, it is the shift in the way that education and child development is approached.

The reason why this is such a passion for so many of you, the channel included, is because much of your programming includes service to the incoming children, so that their own innate soul purpose program may activate and never be dormant. That is a fundamental shift in the way in which you all are interacting with this reality as wayshowers.

I hope I have adequately satisfactorily answered the question, at least from the perspective which I hold from the seventh dimension.”

I hope you will join me for an upcoming online experience: “Align With Your Soul Purpose”. We’ll gather online together for an hour-long experience of real-time channeled messages and guided meditations.

If you’ve worked with me before, you know this won’t be just another informational class or your typical meditation. The Multidimensional U® Experience is powerful and transformative. Most people report tangible shifts. You will be different as a result, in a good way!

This experience is for those of you who seek more access to your own higher dimensional consciousness and the inner redirects towards your Soul Purpose that access provides.

Join me for a gifted Multidimensional U® Experience:

“Align With Your Soul Purpose”

The experience will take place twice to accommodate time zone differences and busy schedules: Tuesday, June 4th at 9pm ET (-5hrs GMT) & Wednesday, June 5th at 12pm ET (-5hrs GMT).

I'm excited to see what comes through in real-time with you all! This will be a life-changing experience.

With LOVE,


Innergalactic Shaman

Founder, Multidimensional U ®

P.S. Would you please do me a favor and share this opportunity with friends and family who would appreciate the opportunity to align with their Soul Purpose. This is how we're going to light up the planet... Thank you!

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