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Align With Your Soul Purpose

The Next Level of Your Service to the Planet is Calling! It's time to Activate & Share More of Your Innate Multidimensional Gifts With A World That Needs Them!


A free webinar hosted by Aja Love

Founder of Multidimensional U®

Join me on Thursday, March 25th (9pm New York / 12pm Sydney or Saturday, March 27th at 1pm New York / 5pm London).
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Sandy Beach

In this free virtual event, I’m excited to share channeled information about how to align with your divine purpose for this lifetime. 


Now, more than ever, the world needs you to step into your next level of service. We’re being asked to guide a new way forward that looks nothing like the past. 


Whether you’re feeling called to step into metaphysical work for the first time, know it’s time to evolve your current practice, or want to introduce metaphysical modalities into your more traditional service profession this class is for YOU!

"Your soul purpose is your field of consciousness, your innate codes, activated, embodied and expressed in the world of form."

Join me and people from all around the planet as we gather online together for this free, hour-long experience. Here’s what you can expect to learn from the channeled information I will be presenting:


  • Why you feel pulled by a greater purpose so intensely right now.

  • What your soul purpose is and how you can best align with it. 

  • Common obstacles that get in your way of attaining alignment with your divine purpose and moving into the next level of fulfilling work.

  • A powerful guided meditation intended to help you overcome these blocks and step into your service at entirely new levels!

  • The opportunity to learn more about how you can continue your journey of evolution in a community of peers around the planet.

Hi, I’m Aja Love, the founder of Multidimensional U, a metaphysical coaching company and an engineering hub for the build out of a New Earth, based in higher dimensional coordinates and unity consciousness.


During the last decade, I’ve helped thousands of people worldwide emerge into the next octave of their human embodiment and revolutionize what it means to be human. I’m excited to help you, too! You can learn more about me here.

If you’ve worked with me before, you know this won’t be your typical informational class or even meditation. The Multidimensional U® Experience is powerful and transformative. We work at the level of the bio-energy field across multiple dimensions.


You will be releasing more of who you are not and activating untapped inner aspects of your Multidimensional Self. Many people report tangible physical effects and shifts in their experience of reality after working with me. You will be noticeably different as a result, in a good way!

During the hour, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about The Emergence Experience, my multi-track program that has helped hundreds people from all around the world release lower dimensional identity constructs and step into their soul purpose work.

I'm excited to share this information and help you move into your next octave of planetary service!  Sign up for the time that works best for you below and be sure to mark your calendar now!

Sign up for free and reserve your spot now

Join this FREE channeled online event with Aja Love and experience a meditation to help you align with your Soul Purpose. Are you ready to move into the next octave of your service & healing work on Planet Earth?

Sign up for the time that works best for you!
 Thursday, March 25th, @ 9pm New York | 12pm Sydney
Saturday, March 27th @ 1pm New York | 5pm London
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