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Last Year I Went Looking for Yoda...

Last year I went looking for Yoda, a wise teacher who would help me understand my nascent abilities and how to harness "the force" in more consistent and productive ways. As many of you know, my awakening has been fast and furious. I've encountered many amazing guides and spiritually advanced civilizations during the last five years.

As I continued to reactivate more innate metaphysical abilities, incredible divine" technologies", I began searching for more explanation and understanding. "If only a Yoda would appear to me like he did for Luke, I would be in trusted, capable hands".

And then something magical happened.

This spring, while walking in the forest during my annual solo retreat, I retraced the same steps I took last year and had a powerful realization: I AM a Yoda. I am the Master I've been seeking.


It was the kind of paradigm shift that makes reality look different - a true reality shred moment. As the full extent of what this shift in perspective meant, I began to laugh. In fact, I doubled over in laughter right there under the pines!

What followed was nothing short of a satori experience. I was told to wait for "further revelation" and, within five minutes, it came. In a tremendous moment of expansion, I invoked greater unity and harmony between my varied multidimensional selves (all the varied beings that share my same OverSoul).

The point of this powerful act? To form a collaborative body more cohesively connected in unity consciousness. This was my singularity facilitating greater unity amongst my plurality. I consolidated my identities, and their associated abilities, into a powerful triad.

Needless to say, I left the forest different than when I went in.

My ability to cut through distortion and follow my own inner guidance is more powerful than it's ever been. My ability to see beyond the physical has taken a quantum leap. And my confidence in who I AM is stronger than ever.

There is work to be done.

If reading this activated you, then it's time to reawaken to more of your own Greater Self. I've just created The Visionquest . It's an experience designed for those of you who are ready to unblock and unleash your own incredible abilities in a deep dive beyond 3rd dimensional reality and linear time and space. The planet desperately needs spiritually awakened masters to lend their vast experience to the human unconscious collective.

Are you ready to accelerate your awakening? Learn more here.

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