Committed to Wayshowing 

"As you come into the Age of Light, worlds will open that you never knew existed."


- The Pleiadians

Welcome home, traveler

You are in excellent company. Your intergalactic family has been waiting for this moment. The moment when you reconnect to more of your OverSoul, opening inner doors to reunite with your many multidimensional aspects.


You are ready to merge with your Multidimensional Self and reactivate even more metaphysical abilities. You are ready to serve at powerful new levels.


You don't know all of the details of this next phase of your ascension journey yet.  As always, you will feel for what is in alignment and trust that.

Venture beyond the ordinary

with exceptional support from the extraordinary.

There are few who can relate to the work you already do, let alone help you shift into the next octave of your embodiment. Welcome home!

Private Retreat with Aja

This intensive personal day will take you further into your mastery. Learn more about booking a private retreat with Aja.

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Solstice & Equinox Events

These global meditation experiences are not to be missed! The mutidimensional clearing and activation work will change your life.  Learn more and purchase tickets (and replays) here.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I am immensely grateful for our work today. 
Working with clients after our session I could feel how different I am and the difference in how I was working with them, supporting them in stepping more fully into their multi-dimensional, larger version of self. I was aware of how my deeper understanding and sense of myself informed the sessions in extraordinary and uncommon ways.