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A'sha Love is the founder of Multidimensional U®,  a multidimensional, multimedia company specializing in the expansion of human consciousness. We are going Beyond Conscious and Becoming Multidimensional®. We are revolutionizing what it means to be human!


Through her online metaphysical programs and events, she has helped people the world over contribute to a New Earth through the alchemy of their personal transformation. In addition, she’s helped them uncover their soul calling and activate incredible innate metaphysical abilities.  Since 2015, A'sha has led experiential programs for people awakening to a greater multidimensional reality.

After getting her undergraduate degree from William Smith College and her MS from Michigan Tech University, A'sha founded several nonprofit organizations and launched a consulting business before her metaphysical awakening catapulted her into alignment with her own greater calling.


Her warm, loving approach provides a high vibrational, nurturing container that helps people shift out of destructive patterns that stem from core wounding and the trauma of living in lower density and negative programming.  Many of A'sha’s clients have become powerful, impactful healers and Wayshowers in their own right.  A'sha has been featured as an expert in the areas of Multidimensional Physics, Personal Transformation and the Multidimensional Self.


Her work has appeared on channels like Higher Self and Higher Self Portal.  A'sha has also been a guest on podcasts like Love, Service, Wisdom with Marisa Weppner, the You-est You podcast with Julie Reisler, and Thrive With Morella.  She spends time with her family between the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, her beloved Finistere (France), and the many different dimensions of the Multiverse.

Interested in interviewing A'sha?  Contact us with interview details at info@multidimensionalu.com.  The images on the left, taken in Montana, Egypt, and France are approved for public use, with photo credit given to Multidimensional U®.