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A'Sha love




A'sha (pronounced ay-sha) Love is the founder of Multidimensional U®,  a multidimensional, multimedia company dedicated to the expansion of human consciousness. We are going Beyond Conscious and Becoming Multidimensional®. We are revolutionizing what it means to be human!


After completing undergraduate degrees at William Smith College and her graduate degree at Michigan Tech University, A'sha founded several environmental, restoration-focused nonprofit organizations and operated a fundraising/organizational development consulting business before her metaphysical awakening catapulted her into alignment with her own greater calling.

A'sha received the 2021 Excellence in Education Award from the Global Forum for Education & Learning. She is an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine and is a contributing author to the USA Today best-selling book, "Luminary Leadership: How Top Entrepreneurs Lead In Business & In Life". Her 2023 book "Love Is the Foundation: Unlock the Healing Power of Love & Rediscover Your True Self" was an instant best-seller in the categories of "Health & Spirituality" and "Teen & Young Adult Mindfulness & Meditation" and is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Since 2008, A'sha began to surrender to what she jokes was an "adult onset awakening" and began using her metaphysical abilities to help others, beginning with the transition/physical death of her father. After working as a spirit medium and channel for spirit guides, she went on to design experiential programs for people awakening to a greater multidimensional reality.


She is passionate about human evolution. Through her online platforms, programs and events, she has helped thousands of people contribute to making the world a more peaceful, loving place through the alchemy of their personal transformation. In addition, she’s helped many people uncover their soul's greater calling, based in creation (versus survival), and grow/evolve into a truer, kinder version of themselves.


Her warm, loving approach provides a high vibrational, nurturing container that helps people shift out of destructive patterns that stem from core wounding of separation and the trauma of living in lower density and distortional programming.  Many of A'sha’s clients have become powerful, impactful healers and Wayshowers in their own right.  She has been featured as an expert in the areas of Personal Transformation and Human Evolution.

Today, she specializes in helping Visionary Leaders and UHNW Individuals answer the inner call to greater purpose so they can leave a truly extraordinary legacy.

She recently relocated to the Cherokee National Lands in northeastern Oklahoma, where she is conducting regional multidimensional field work. She is enjoying  the expansive views of the Interior Highlands (Ozarks) from her river bluff home. A'sha continues to travel around the world, as called, to conduct multidimensional field work on behalf of humanity, the planet and all of Living Creation in this corner of the Multiverse.

Interested in interviewing A'sha?  Contact us with interview details at  The images on this page are approved for public use, with photo credit given to Multidimensional U®.

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