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You Are the Best Source of Information 💠

In this week's message, I share more about how to exercise discernment. Due to the transformative feedback we've received from folks who participated in my recent free event, Be Your Own Guru, I'd like to invite you to pick up the replay here. It goes far beyond canned content and an intellectual approach to the topic! "In the Cave of Creation, I was surrounded and filled by Spirit as a deep, magical, colorful darkness--a well, a Source, a reservoir. So much available for me, AS Me. A deep, safe, warm darkness. Then a tremendous light came to me, enveloped me, dazzled me. Afterward, I had no words for my experience; I drifted in the Love and the Me-ness of it all. Since then, I've been clearer and more sure of the energy that is Me." -Carol We're moving beyond sourcing information from the usual places, especially as one source cancels out another. It's an epic show of they said/they said right now. The only way through this tumultuous time is to head inward. Our next step is not horizontal or vertical, but an unfoldment of Home from within the eternal planes of our own Source Self. It is in this way we can truly restructure our foundation and free ourselves. This is what we did in the event. Get the replay here. In Unity 🌐 A'sha Love P.S. I hope you enjoy the cameos by my buddy Spanky in this video!


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